Extended Cyber Monday Deals

Extended Cyber Monday Deals

It seems like most users were anticipating for a discount for single product purchase after the launch of our Cyber Monday sales earlier on. 

As a team that always listen to our users, we have decided to do a post cyber monday sale for our single products as well.


Purchasing Single Product

You can now get 25% discount throughout our site. This offer is only limited to single products and it does not apply to product bundles. If you are looking forward to our product bundle, you should check out our cyber monday bundle



Renewing Your Subscription

In case some of you missed out the post earlier, as a loyal and returning customer you are entitled to a whopping 30% discount for renewals on your subscription. Don't miss out this last chance to renew your existing subscription and receive top notch priority support from us.


Last but not least ....

Not to forget of course, our awesome Cyber Monday Bundle sale is still on-going and you should hurry up to snatch the best deal before the price get's bumped up! 

Cyber Monday Bundle includes:

  • EasySocial Professional (6-months)
  • EasyBlog Professional (1-year)
  • EasyDiscuss Professional (1-year)
  • Komento Professional (1-year)
  • Wanderers Template (Lifetime) 

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Comments (24)

  1. shoulders

Just bought easyblog pro, thanks for listening, you now have a long term customer.

  1. Mark    shoulders

Thank you :)

  1. Dennis Buijs

Uhm, i just bougth EasyDiscuss, i didn't saw this discount of a single product. I only got saw the discount of product bundle :-(

Still i like the product, thanks for making it :-)

  1. Mark    Dennis Buijs

Thank you for the kind compliments Dennis :)

  1. loic

Is the single product coupon code can be used for templates ?

  1. Shiyi    loic

Hi Loic,

Sorry the single product coupon code can't be used on template :o

  1. Carlos Vasquez

I am done with EasySocial purchase. Thank you for the app.
I will start exploring the pack as my intention is to switch from CB to EasySocial in my sites. Hopefully will work and there is a way of migration of the user data.

  1. loic

Hello Carlos
I have switched from CB to ES a year ago and i am fully satisfayed. ES is 3 stars Community component and stackideas support is the Best in joomla World i have experimented ever.
Just have in mind that you can't migrate all CB custom fields data...

  Comment was last edited about 3 years ago by loic loic
  1. Carlos Vasquez    loic

Thank you Ioic for your info.
What did you use for the migration?

  1. loic

There is an integrated migrator included in ES backend
Don't Forget to backup and use it before autorizing new users to register in ES.

  1. Carlos Vasquez    loic

Thank you for the tip. Will do that way.
I can see the doc is quite extensive but well organized. Carlos :)

  1. chris

Does anyone know if EasySocial can be used for dating site (with memberships)?
Thank you.

  1. Carlos Vasquez    chris

As far as I know yes there is adating feature or app for ES. May be you should check in the Forum part. But I have seen it in the docs.

  1. Shiyi    chris

Hello Chris,

If you would like to have paid membership for your dating site I would recommend you to integrate Payplans with your EasySocial. You can read more in details from this blog post http://stackideas.com/blog/create-your-own-membership-club-with-easysocial-payplans

  1. Paul Murray

Thanks, I am good until 25th September, 2016 :D
ps just saw the change log for version: 1.4.5 very nice.

  Comment was last edited about 3 years ago by Paul Murray Paul Murray
  1. Sylvie    Paul Murray

That's awesome Paul. Thank you for your kind support! :)

  1. Carlos Vasquez

Hi Shiyi,

Would you advice to me which file downloads extension to use better with ES?
I am migrating a site from j1.5 on CB and Jdownloads to J3.x with ES. Jdownloads for J3 seems the right answer further more but would like to hear your advice.
Thanks in advance. :)

  1. Mark    Carlos Vasquez

EasySocial already has a file app that allows you to have a "file manager" :) Alternatively you can consider 3rd party extensions like http://www.joomlatools.com/extensions/fileman/ :)

  1. Carlos Vasquez    Mark

Hi Mark, thank you for your prompt answer.
Would you tell me:
Is it possible in the File Manager of ES to store the files in categories?
And is it possible to attach images to illustrate the file to be downloaded?

In case i would go for Fileman is there an app for ES? I have seen one for Jdownloads in forums, i guess.

  1. Kevin Morrison

Well crud, I wont have spare cash until the 3rd. Guess I will wait and see what comes closer to Christmas...;)

  1. Sylvie    Kevin Morrison

It depends on our tight schedule, we might do a Christmas sale but I cannot promise you anything yet. :P

  1. Kevin Morrison    Sylvie

Thanks Sylvie, I will be ready next time...;)

  1. Mark Valencia    Sylvie

I'll keep my eyes open also! Looking to go the pro packages on EasySocial and Komento - fingers crossed for an early Xmas present :)

  1. Sylvie    Mark Valencia

Fingers crossed! ;);););)

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