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EasySocial Native App v2.5

EasySocial Native App v2.5
We have just released an update for EasySocial Native App to address some of the issues encountered from the previous release and also added some new options in Titan.

In this release, we have also added some new functionality in the app and implemented several fixes to address issues from its prior release:

  • You can now disable the QRCode in Titan
  • Increased the size of reaction touch-able area
  • ACL for posting comments are now respected 
  • Updated the close button in picture dialog to be visible to the user for better user experience
  • Updated ellipses button on profile cover to be visible to the user for better user experience
  • Checkout the changelog for the full changes

Updating to v2.5

For those of you with a valid license and have access to Titan, you may head over to your Titan and build the new release as usual.

As for those running on the public version, you just need to head over to your app store to download the new app.


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Guys thanks for all the new releases. Unfortunately I can not get excitement by any new features in app if the basics are not fixed. All my mobile app new users have no profile (user name, first name and last name is not a profile). They all want to have at least what was agreed https://stackideas.com/voices/esnative/item/199-mandatory-fields-at-registration + possibility to write few lines about them.

I know this is tricky one. If you provide some mapping way in Titan, this could be way.

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We are working on some exciting stuffs in 3.0 and we'll share with you guys when the time comes

Fab. Looking forward to it!

Thank you Mark :)
At the moment, I am reluctant to purchase a license for EasySocial Native App, due to the slowness.
On iPhone (7) and including connected to your demo site, navigation is very slow. Loading takes a long time.

For the moment, navigation is smoother from the browser with the Mobile Web Template.
While theoretically it is the mobile application that should bring fluidity and responsiveness.

The slowness is mainly because we do not have any optimizations on our demo site. If you access the web version, you'll feel the same. You should try connecting it to your own site with the free app

By connecting the application to my site, the loading is unfortunately not faster. :(
I read on your forum that on Android the loading of images was more fluid :

You can try connecting to http://www.wymlive.com as well. This is in AWS in the Americas and runs very well on both the web app and native app. Now, you'll see latency if you're not within this geo region, but at least it'll give you another option to test against.

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