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EasySocial Mobile v4.7 Released

EasySocial Mobile v4.7 Released
We have just released an update for the EasySocial Native App to address some of the issues encountered from the previous release.

In this release, we have implemented several fixes to address issues from its prior release:

  • Added new Invited tab for events to allow users to view all invites to events
  • Editing post will now work correctly
  • Fixed issue with pagination on the dashboard
  • The ability to post contents on the site will now take into consideration the user's profile type ACL
  • Disabled stream filters will no longer appear on the app
  • Activity stream for avatar updates will now respect application settings of the respective group, event and pages
  • Editing profile using webview will now remember their logged in state
  • Users will no longer be able to join groups if their ACL does not permit them to join groups
  • Standardize the time used in Conversations to be similar to EasySocial on the web
  • Fixed linking between EasySocial app and the Conversation app
  • Checkout the changelog for the full changes

Updating to 4.7

For those of you who have a valid license and have access to Titan, you may head over to your Titan and build the new release as usual.

As for those running on the public version, you just need to head over to your app store to download the new app.

Comments (5)

Thanks for update Stackideas team!

Do you plan a major update ?

Our team is currently working on version 5.0, if that is what you mean but there will not be any ETA on this yet.

Are there any plans to incorporate PayPlans?
Its really important for anyone who has monetized their community based on the Stackideas ecosystem.

Implementing your own billing on mobile apps are really tricky and it is primarily due to the reasons from these app stores preventing you to have your own billing system.

There are no comments posted here yet
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