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EasySocial Mobile 5.1 Released

EasySocial Mobile 5.1 Released

We would like to take the opportunity to announce the immediate availability of EasySocial Mobile v5.1! There are quite a number of improvements and bug fixes in this release and we are extremely excited to share it with you today.



Our team added subcategories support in this release and your users will now be able to access subcategories in Events, Marketplaces, Groups and Pages.

Redesigned Videos Layout 

Redesigned Videos

The videos section also received a makeover and it will now include a fluid view instead of multi-column views. This will provide your users with a whole new scrolling experience.


Polls for EasySocial

In this release, we have also added polls support on the native app. Users on the app would be able to start creating new polls and voting them too!

Attachments on Comments 

Comment Attachments

We have also added attachments to comments and your users would be able to pick images to include in their comments

Admob Enhancements 

In previous releases, advertisements from Admob only appeared on the dashboard. With this release, advertisements can now be configured to be placed at the following locations:

  • Groups
  • Pages
  • Videos
  • Audios
  • Events

They can be configured in Titan and you can choose to toggle the visibility of the ads.

Additional Menu Translations

Menu Translations
Newly created menus on Titan can not be translated previously. With v5.1, you can now translate these new menus as well giving it a truly multi lingual experience.

Video Recording 📽

Video Recording

Users would now be able to record videos on the fly rather than just uploading videos!

Image Browser

New Image Browsing

The entire user experience whilst browsing images has been redesigned to provide a better user experience for your users

Pages Enhancements

Page admins can now decide if they want to post actions as their own account or the page's account


We have also added discussions support on the native app too! With discussions being added to the app, users on your app would be able to create discussions in the app


User Mentions

Another feature that users were requesting was the ability to mention their peers. With the latest update, you get to mention other users just like how you would on the web.

Redesigned Reactions

Reactions in this release have also been redesigned for better a user experience

New Leader-board Section

We have also added a new leader-board section for users to be able to view the leader-board across your site


Another new feature added in this release is the capability to insert hashtags when posting status updates from the app

Other Changes

Apart from the major changes above, these are some of the notable changes that are included in this release:

  • Added password field in album creation form 🆕
  • Added new hashtag activity stream filter 🆕
  • Added visual indicator when video is buffering to give users a better idea when the video is loading 🆕
  • Added delete account button on edit profile screen 🆕
  • Added new Advance Search link on search page to allow users to expand their search
  • Addressed issue with remove cover and avatar not working on Pages, Groups and Events
  • Updated single photo view to be portrait when there is only a single photo on the stream
  • Added proper error handling when app is not able to connect to the server
  • New album button will no longer be visible to the user when they do not have the permissions 
  • Photo icon will now be hidden in the status update when upload photo settings are turned off in the Profile ACL
  • Video icon will now be hidden in the status update when video settings are turned off in the Profile ACL
  • Improved website validation (Free app)
  • Updated SDK version to comply with Apple's new requirement
  • Fixed issue with not being able to reply to comments
  • Fixed issue with photo popup not appearing correctly when the stream only contains a single photo
  • Fixed issue with photo popup not appearing for marketplace items

Download Rest API Plugin

In order for your site to be able to work with the latest EasySocial Mobile v5.1, you will also need to download and install the latest REST API plugin v1.0.3.

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