Extension Updates! EasyBlog 5.3 Released! Tons of new exciting features and improvements... 🌐 ❤️ 🎉

EasyBlog Community released!

EasyBlog Community released!

We are excited to announce EasyBlog Community is now available!

Prior to this, EasyBlog was supposed to be named with a 'Professional' word in it and from today onwards, that word will be there - EasyBlog Professional. Both versions are the same except for Community comes with only 3 templates (from 11 templates) and a 'Powered by StackIdeas' link back at the bottom portion of the blog layout.

The reason for making this version available is because we want to encourage more users aware of the goodness of blogging, especially websites that run on the Joomla! platform. We want more people to start blogging and that means having the component easily adopted by experienced or novice users. EasyBlog Community has a price tag easy enough on anyone's pocket to start blogging right away at $45 a copy.

You will also be offered professional technical support from us and regular component updates on every 2-3 months cycle. Plus, an auto-subscription of our regular newsletter for the latest from our stables on products and news too.

This is an important launch and we are glad to share it with you with a little discount on both EasyBlog versions.

For EasyBlog Community, we are offering a 10%-off at $40.50. Use this coupon code to redeem : easycom10

For EasyBlog Professional, a huge 25% discount is given and you only have to pay $44.25 using this code : easypro25

We wish that blogging in Joomla! will not be burdensome from today onwards. We at StackIdeas hope EasyBlog could also make your like easy!

You can start using the coupon codes now to redeem the discount. Oh, this offer starts today until January 23rd, 2011 only.


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