Extension Updates! EasyBlog 5.3 Released! Tons of new exciting features and improvements... 🌐 ❤️ 🎉

EasyBlog Community for the masses

EasyBlog Community for the masses

In a business set up like us, making a profit is the ultimate goal at the end of the day. But in a business that revolves around Joomla!, we felt there is a sense of social responsibility in us. And because Joomla! is free to use, we believe anything free is useful to the budget conscious user.

A talented Joomla! user may not go far in his/her business if costs of running it is too high. Besides manpower, tools of the trade are the next most important asset to grow. Any great talents would go to waste if costs are a deterrent to a business with high growth potential. Any startup would agree with me here, wont you?

We at StackIdeas are aware of this and we got our minds together to release a Community version of EasyBlog! The EasyBlog Community component will differ slightly from the current version.

Click HERE to view the comparison between EasyBlog Pro and EasyBlog Community.

Besides this, the price has also been revised to reflect affordability. Don't worry, you still get the same amount of dedicated attention from us when you subscribe to our professional support.

Watch out for the announcement on this blog and our Twitter on January 15th, 2011!






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