EasyBlog 1.2.130 important patch release

EasyBlog 1.2.130 important patch release

You realized lately we've been releasing minor updates for EasyBlog. Yeah, this is also a minor but essential update before you embark on your year end holidays.

Only two fixes in this version and they are needed because while we are in the midst of getting the codes ready for Joomla! 1.6 compatibility, some codes slipped through our hands, in version 1.2.132.

To be exact, the error causes user profiles to be saved in an invalid Joomla! group ID when users save their profile in EasyBlog. After logout, the user cannot login again due to the wrong group ID.

We could not thank a particular customer enough for reporting this bug and we have already got it working smoothly back again.

However, there are 2 ways to solve this at your end - 1. Self or 2. Email support. Kindly refer to our FORUM for steps to fix it. Or, if this doesn't help, please email to support@stackideas.com so that we can assist you, soonest possible.

Head on to our Downloads page to get the fix, or click on the Download button below for instant access.


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