Easy Blog modules for Joomla! available now

Easy Blog modules for Joomla! available now

Yes, you've heard it right, we have released quite a number of modules which you can download for your site in conjunction with Joomla! Below are the list of available module downloads available in our downloads area

  • Archive - Displays a recent list of months
  • Latest bloggers - Recent bloggers from the site
  • Latest posts - Recent blog posts throughout the site
  • Most commented - Most commented blog entries
  • Popular posts - Popular blog entries measured through the views
  • Tag cloud - Tag cloud listing

Stay tune for more updates ....


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I cant get the modules to show and Cannot find documentation> Help!

Hey Van,

You can view our documentations at http://stackideas.com/docs/easyblog.html but modules are pretty much basic and there's actually nothing much to set. All you need to do is publish the module in specific locations and you are good to go. If you need any help at all, log a ticket with us a http://helpdesk.stackideas.com or use our support forums, http://stackideas.com/support/discussions/index.html

where can i download?

Hey Tony,

You may download them from http://stackideas.com/account/free-download.html

How about a "Categories" module, please. Just a list, with optional articles count display.

Hello Doug,

We actually already have that particular module to list categories or am I missing anything here?

How do I get the module that you have on this page that displays categories, comments and tags in tabbed form? It looks awesome

Hello Wendy,

The tabbed module is actually a custom module which we have written for our site It's currently not available as it isn't ready for the public yet.

in easy blog module which module is supported to display blog entries


You could use the latest blogs module to populate recent blog posts on your site You may download the modules at http://stackideas.com/downloads/modules/easyblog

I am using the Easy Blog Archive module to create a list of archived blog posts within 2 different categories . I've got the list to show the number of blog posts it has within that month (in brackets) but when I click on the month, I am redirected to a page that gives me the following error:

No archive available for the selected month.

I am not sure why this is happening. Can anyone help me please?

Thank you.

Hey Emmanuel,

Please use our support channels to post your support questions Our blog is / should not be used as a support avenue. You can submit your ticket at http://stackideas.com/forums


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