Download EasyBlog Languages Separately

Download EasyBlog Languages Separately

As our development grow, so is the size of our components. I don't know about you but downloading heavy files is a major put-off if, for some reason, your Internet connection decided to lag on you.

As a professional Joomla component development company, we do the best we can to make things easy for our customers. We make sure you cut on the caffeine so that downloading our components will be a breeze.

As a way to speed up downloading speed of our components, we have stripped out all the language files contained in the installers. Only the default English language is bundled in the installer from now onwards, for both EasyBlog Professional and Community versions.

Non-English language files are still available for all our customers but you will have to download it from our Downloads page. Don't worry, these files do not cost a thing to download and use in your copy of EasyBlog.

Currently, EasyBlog is available in Danish, German, French, Japanese, Dutch, Russian and Swedish translations.

These language files takes a bit of space therefore we decided not to include them in the installer -- faster downloads for you!



Comments (19)

  1. Norman Schaal

How can I change the language (german)?

  1. Andrew Rogers

Hi Norman, you can change the language to German from Joomla's Language Manager. EasyBlog will be automatically be in German once that switch is done, of course, if you have downloaded the German language for EasyBlog. :)

  1. peiyouliao

I need help
I need to Traditional language pack
Users from Taiwan

  1. Andrew Rogers    peiyouliao

Hi, we currently do not have Chinese language translations. Would you be interested to translate for us? :D

  1. peiyouliao

Told me to translate the focus of attention
I'll try!!:D

  1. Andrew Rogers    peiyouliao

Thanks for volunteering! We need you to register at as a translator. Email your username to me at andrew so that I can assign you the translation task. ;)

  1. r

I would like to translate it but I type the chinese into the ini file and upload it to the server it doesn't work and show the program strings at some point for some characters or word.

  1. Andrew Rogers

Hi R,

May I know where did you experience this problem? Are you using Transifex?

  1. hoch

Spanish transaltion?

  1. Adriano

I can´t change the languages .. The language is in the language manager in german ... the germen language pack is installed ... what can i do now ?

  1. Andrew Rogers    Adriano

Sorry for the delay to reply you. Can you send us a ticket at to report your issue, please? :)

  1. Daniel Borter

Put? The new Version 3.5.12201 Translate not all words in German!
Why not?

  1. Andrew Rogers    Daniel Borter

Sorry for this. Do you mind to show us which words were not translated in German, please? Can you send us a screenshot of the untranslated words in here?

  1. Kai Stüven

Hi together,

i have istall easyblog pro and also the german language file (via joomla). But the language is still english and not german. If i look to the language-manager from joomla, i didn`t find any about easyblog.

So I need help how to change the lang. from EN to DE.

Look forward for a answer
thanks kai

  1. Mark

Hello Kai,

Can you please submit your issues in our forums at ?

  1. Roland Böttcher

bei mir läuft es auch nicht auf deutsch...
kann mir bitte wer helfen???

  1. Mark

Did you download and install the language Roland?

  1. Ik test

Dit nummer is van na de reunie.

  1. Nigel Robson

Has anybody tried a dual language easyblog, some categories default language English, others for instance German

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