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Case Study: Jamilicious Portal for Musicians

Case Study: Jamilicious Portal for Musicians

We have a new blog category known as Case Study where we will discuss about how Joomla! websites work differently for specific areas and industries. We will also examine how our Joomla extensions EasyBlog, EasyDiscuss, Komento or SectionEx fulfills the criterias of these unique sites in the coming weeks.

For this week, lets take a look at Jamilicous.com. They are a group of people who love music and let's discover how they share about ideas, use of various musical instruments and their thoughts about music.

We did an interview with Cliburn M. Solano, CEO of Jamilicious.com, and asked about his site. Below was the conversation track we had with him:




1. Why was our product chosen?

I was looking for a product that did polls. I settled for another company's product that did just that and I was happy with my purchase. Half a year after I saw EasyDiscuss. It was still a baby back then. It lack the feature that I wanted back then but one thing I noticed right away was the very cool and modern design that caught my attention but not my interest. I still feel that maybe this newcomer is a fly-by-night thing so I gave it a 6-months observation to see what happens after that while I stayed on with my current product from this other company. For another 6 months I talked with its developers and reported bugs and suggested things that could improve their product. For a simple bug report it took about a week to get fixed and suggestions were about a month or more. Support was slow for six months with them. I needed a change.

2. What were the changes that you experienced after using our products?

Well that a very slow 6 months and I had to try looking for something new. It's time to visit the JED! Browsing by date. Browsing by popularity. Wait... ah! EasyDiscuss! I saw this before and I wondered how the product is now? Click, then I saw some comments about how good it is. Hmmm.. Now you have my interest. Let's see if this product already has polls... and boy it sure did! I bought it right away and was glad I made the purchase. The loading time is fast and looks great on my site. I never looked back after that.

3. What are the key advantages of using our products?

Support is fast. It's blazing fast than all of my other products being used. I've reported bugs in the usual 8am - 5pm time because I thought that that's their office time. I was correct, I got replies very quick. I had a bug by 11pm, reported and submit it I get the usual autoreply. After 5 mins, someone replied about the bug. It's support. Fine, may be he's just awake. I had another bug at 10am after a week. Just for the sake of testing how good their support is, I report it at 2am the following day. I got an email after hitting submit which is the auto reply. I get a second email asking for my FTP access after 7 mins. Who are these people? Do they even sleep? Seriously with that speed they should start considering joining the Olympics. 

4. What makes this product unique compared to other extensions?

I used EasyBlog, EasyDiscuss, and all the plugins in between. If you look inside their code, it was written nicely. They update it every now and then. They have the best support that I know of. They listen to their customers. They know their stuff!


We would like to thank Cliburn M. Solano for his kind words and the time spent in the interview.





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