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Blogging with New Joomla Template JA Fixel by Joomlart

Blogging with New Joomla Template JA Fixel by Joomlart

The month of August sees the release of yet another great responsive Joomla template from Joomlart called JA FIXEL.

JA Fixel is best for anyone looking to build a website for graphic designer's online portfolio, corporate sites or even a personal blog. We are again honored to have EasyBlog featured in this beautiful template illustrating the possibility of blogging!

You can be sure that this new template will look beautifully in devices other than your desktops/laptops as it is already responsive. If you are feeling adventurous, you can flip out your smartphone now and take a look at the demo of JA Fixel.

 Responsive Joomla Template - Joomlart

Thanks to their T3 Framework, you can build websites that requires Right-to-Left (RTL) style with JA Fixel as it is already supporting it 100%.




There are also 6 Joomla extensions from Joomlart that come with JA Fixel. And along with the power of EasyBlog, building a Joomla blog site with a great template and useful extensions will be as easy as 1-2-3 now.


JA Fixel - EasyBlog


EasyBlog is sure to work smoothly with JA Fixel and you don't have to worry about incompatibility in terms of function and layout. Find out more about EasyBlog and its powerful features. EasyBlog is available for Joomla 3.0 and 2.5, it also comes with various support licenses. 

EasyBlog - The Best Blogging Extension

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Comments (14)

Well done, Joomlart. Good to see some more creative layouts being used for EasyBlog. Interesting and creative themes is a MUCH-NEEDED add-on for EasyBlog right now, to help StackIdeas continue to grow this brand.

I'd really like to give this template a try for my personal website...

Hope you will love this new template Olivier

I've tried Stackideas coupon code for Joomlart but it tells me it has expired. Do you have a new one pls ?

Hi Olivier,

We've got Joomlart to renew that coupon code already. You may want to try again now with the same code

Wow, what a support ! It's ok now, thx a lot...

Glad to offer our help

Is there easydiscuss theme for JA Fixel?

I am sorry but JA Fixel only has native support for EasyBlog. Although it does not have native support for EasyDiscuss, it should still work out of the box

Hi Monthon, I just referred to Joomlart and they said it should work flawlessly. And in case there is any bugs, you can always contact us or Joomlart for support

Hi, Nice template .. and Great Work !
i hope to try it in my personnal Joomla website !
Well done, Joomlart & EasyBlog

Thanks Yassine. Hope that works perfect on your site

Hey Teming Tan,
is it possible to get this theme, without an membership?

Im looking for the JA Fixel Theme with basic components and moduls.

HI Syvanus,

Thank you for your inquiry. The best way for you to get this awesome template is by getting Joomlart's membership so that you are ensured to get the best support and template.

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