Workflow of PayPlans

PayPlans is quite easy to understand and set-up. It is very easier to sell your membership via PayPlans. Here we will be discussing the basic work-flow of PayPlans from the scratch.

PayPlans Workflow Membership Software Joomla

Creating Plans to Sell

First, you need to create Plans to sell your membership.

  1. Go to the Plans tab of PayPlans.
  2. You can follow the steps given for creating plans.
  3. To show plans to customer you need to create a menu. (This step have been added in setup-checklist, you can do it by a single click)

Setting up a Payment Gateway

To process online payments automatically Payment gateway is required. PayPlans has integration with many popular payment gateways.

  1. Go to PayPlans and install your choice of payment gateway from AppStore.
  2. Create app instance of the payment gateway app.
  3. Now, this can be used to collect payments on your site from your customers.

Customer Subscribing Plans

  • Available plans are displayed to customers in front-end. They can subscribe plan by clicking on Subscribe button.

Subscribe a plans

  • After clicking on the “Subscribe Now” button, If customer is not already logged in, then the next page will ask customer to login or register.

  • ]An invoice is created and user is asked to confirm for payment by redirecting him to “Confirm Invoice” page which shows payment details.

Confirm invoice page

  • Customer clicks on “Checkout” to proceed with payments.

  • The “Payment Details” page appears up. Customers fill up payment details an click on “Payment” to proceed and “Cancel” to cancel the order.

  • On completion of purchase, customer can view, download and print the Invoice.

Download the invoice

Note : To download the invoice, you have to install and enable "PDF-Invoice" plugin from the "App-Store" in PayPlans backend.