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Nets A/S

Payplans Nets A/S only supports fixed and recurring payment type.

Nets A/S specialise in powering digital payments. They connect banks, businesses and consumers via an international network facilitating digital payments. Nets A/S is a popular Scandinavian payment gateway. It is a Nordic provider of payments card and information services with a European ambition.

Nets A/S Configuration

To set up payment through Nets A/S, you must register for a Net Netaxept account. You'll receive a Merchant ID and Merchant Token Key which are both used when integrating with PayPlans.

Once the integration is successfully tested in the developer testing environment, you'll need to contact Nets Netaxept Customer Support in order to go live. You'll received production credentials from them and you'll need to replace them into the integration section in PayPlans.

Payment gateway integration guide can be read at New Payment Gateways Integration

The General options for Nets A/S are fairly the same among all payment methods. You'll need to give a suitable title, determine whether to be published or unpublished and the appropriate description for this payment method. You may set this payment method to be applied to all plans or only on selected plans. The Parameters section are the specific options needed when configuring BBS Nets integration. Details of each options are described below.

Nets A/S

  • Merchant ID
    Enter the Merchant ID which you have used to login to Nets.
  • Nets Token
    Enter the token generated by Nets.
  • Enable Sandbox Mode
    Sandbox is a testing environment simulates a behavior of a payment method. This option is used in development phase. Always set to No when in the production.
  • Allow Recurring Billing Cancellation
    This option allows users to cancel their recurring billing on the front end when they are viewing their purchases.
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