JomSocial Registration

Jomsocial-Registration app used for user registration at the time of plan subscription.

  • By enabling this plug-in, if new user want to register on the site then, it will redirect user to plan subscription page and then register with the normal Jomsocial-Registration.
  • Install PayPlan-JomSocial Registration plugin from the PayPlans App-store.

Enable JomSocial Registration Plugin

  • Go to back-end PayPlans -> Configuration -> Settings and set "Registration Integration" to Jomsocial .

Set JomSocial Registration in Configuration

Usage for front-end

  1. Subscribe a plan from front end.

  2. Click on Register button.

Option for JomSocial Registration

  1. Filling the registration details on Jomsocial Registration page.

JomSocial Registration User Details

  1. Filling the profile details that are required for registration.

    JomSocial Registration Profile Details

  2. After this user will be redirected to Change Avatar page and user can upload profile picture otherwise click on skip button.

    JomSocial Registration Upload Avatar

  3. New user is now registered with JomSocial Registration plug-in. Now, user may redirect to the HOME screen now or after the account activation.

Using JomSocial, final registration screen

  1. After registration user will be redirected to Invoice Confirm page with message "A verification link has been sent to the email address you entered. Please, verify your account before using it."

  2. Note: This plug-in is require when Plan subscription is necessary for the user registration otherwise disable this plug-in.