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FastSpring, a leading e-commerce and subscription management company, provides a robust set of features and services that enables digital goods companies to sell more of their products online. FastSpring provides a global digital commerce, subscriptions, billings and management platform.

Setting Up FastSpring

FastSpring requires user to create an account with them. Navigate to FastSpring sign-up section, define your business model and provide some details for your application.

Whitelisting Your Domain or Subdomain

Get your website domain or subdomain whitelisted by FastSpring Support. In your request you should specify the exact site domain or subdomain of which your storefront should be rendered. Once your site domain or subdomain has been whitelisted, the popup storefront section of your FastSpring dashboard will shown a green indicator with the number of website whitelisted.


Note: You should whitelist all your domains including those you'll be using for testing and development.

Popup Storefront URL

Once your website URLs have been whitelisted, then you'll need to create Popup Storefront. If you already have a Storefront, choose any of the Storefront and click on PLACE ON YOUR WEBSITE link. A window will be open of which there will be a block of Javascript snippet. Your Storefront URL is located at data-storefront attribute. The following screenshot illustrate the URL.


Access Key

On the Store Builder Library tab, you can obtain the Access Key for use when encrypting secure payload in PayPlans.



In order for you to integrate PayPlans with FastSpring, you'll need to create a mirror product for each plans that you have in PayPlans into FastSpring. You may use this FastSpring product documentation as a guide in creating your products. Once you have created your products, copy the products id and place it in the integration page.


Note: You'll need to create for each plans that you have in your PayPlans. Example, if you have 10 plans in your Payplans, then you'll need to create 10 products in FastSpring as well.

Important: If you've changed the plan's price in PayPlans, you'll need to update FastSpring's products as well because the displayed payment price will be taken from FastSpring.

FastSpring Configuration

Payment gateway integration guide can be read at New Payment Gateways Integration

The General options for FastSpring are fairly the same among all payment methods. You'll need to give a suitable title, determine whether to be published or unpublished and the appropriate description for this payment method. You may set this payment method to be applied on all plans or only on selected plans.


The following screenshot illustrate the options available in FastSpring.


  • Storefront URL
    Enter the Storefront URL that generated from FastSpring.
  • Access Key
    Enter the Access Key generated from FastSpring.
  • Plan Mapping
    You will need to map the plans on the site with the alias of products that you created on FastSpring.

When everything are in order, click on Save button to store the configuration.

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