EasySocial 2.2.6


EasySocial Registration

This plugin is used to integrate Easysocial with PayPlans for registration.

1. EasySocial Facebook Registration functionality is not added in this plugin.

  1. If no profile type occurs during registration process then default profile type get assigned.Else the selected profile type get assigned.

  2. To achieve this functionality ie Profile type get assigned on the basis of selected plan, a different apps need to create.

Easysocial-Registration plugin can be used for user registration through EasySocial. So, you can use this registration method if you want that user should be registered with EasySocial at the time of subscribing plan.

Steps to use and configure this plugin:

  • Install PayPlan-EasySocialRegistration plugin from the PayPlans App-store.

  • Go to Configuration tab and set "Registration Integration" to EasySocial.

Set Easysocial Registration in Configuration

  • When user try to register with EasySocial then it automatically redirect the user to select plan page.

Easysocial Registration screen

  • Now, User Subscribe a plan.

Plan Selection screen

  • After subscribe a plan user can continue registration with Easysocial.

Payplans Login/Registration screen

  • After clicking on Register button EasySocial Registration page will be displayed.

Easysocial Registration Account Details

EasySocial Registration Education details

EasySocial Registration Upload Avtar

  • After registration user will be redirected to "Invoice Confirm" Screen.

Invoice confirm Screen