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This section contains guides relating to subscriptions.

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The subscriptions section in the backend provides an overview of subscriptions made on PayPlans. Basically, subscription entries are generated whenever a user attempts to subscribe on PayPlans. These include active(completed) and incomplete subscription processes.

On the subscription listing page, you are able to:

  • manually create and delete subscriptions

  • update the status

  • extend the expiry of subscriptions

  • search and filter by subscription date, plan and status


Individual subscriptions can be clicked on to open the subscription edit page.

In the subscription edit page, you are able to:

  • manually edit the subscription

  • edit custom details(if you created and published any)

  • add new invoices to the subscription

  • view other information that relates to the subscription like invoices, transactions and logs.


If you have created and published plan upgrade instances and this subscription is eligible for that upgrade, an Upgrade Subscription button will be displayed on the top.

In the front-end, user's subscriptions are available on their dashboard(menu item for this can be created).

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