Ad Agency

This app is used to integrate iJoomla Ad Agency component with PayPlans for registration.

Note:Ad Agency is a Joomla banner component. If you want to add banners at different module positions, this is the best way to use. Ad Agency is a component that is used to create and post different types of advertisements on specified URLs.

Admin can use this integration to let the user registering at site using iJoomla Ad Agency to first select the subscription plan and then proceed with the normal iJoomla Ad Agency Registration process.
So, this app is used to restrict the advertiser to create an ad, without subscribe any plan. When a new user register with the ad agency then he/she must have a plan, so firstly, it sends advertiser to subscribe an plan then he/she can continue with the ad agency registration.

Guide to use:

Step 1: Install PayPlan-Adagency Registration plugin from the PayPlans App-store.

Step 2: Now, go to configuration tab of PayPlans at back-end and simply choose Registration Integration type. e.g. AdAgency.

Step 3: Now when user register with AdAgency then it automatically redirect the user to select plan first.

PayPlans AdAgency Screen

Step 4: Now, user may subscribe any plan.

PayPlans AdAgency Screen

Step 5: After subscribe a plan he/she can continue registration with ad agency.

PayPlans AdAgency Screen

PayPlans AdAgency Screen