Joomla Registration

To combine registration and plan subscription, PayPlans uses Joomla Registration plug-in.Using Joomla Registration app user first subscribes any plan then, allowed to register.

  • When only subscribers are allowed to register then, Joomla Registration is best suited for this purpose.

  • Joomla-Registration app is pre-installed ( Core-App ), you are not required to install this plugin.

  • By default payplan disable this plugin. Go to plugin manager and enable the plugin: PayPlans-Registration-Joomla.

Enable Joomla Registration Plugin

  • Go to back-end configuration tab and set Registration Integration to Joomla.

In payplan Configuration menu, set Registration Integration to Joomla

  • Steps to be followed in front-end as a new user:

    • Subscribe a plan.
    • Click on Register button.

After subscription of a plan, proceed to register

  • Now, user is redirected to registration page. Registration is done with plugin PayPlans-Registration-Joomla.

After subscription of a plan, register using Joomla Registration

  • After registration user will be redirected to Confirm Invoice page to checkout.