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This section contains guides to several registration methods on PayPlans.

  1. Documentation
  2. Registration
  3. Joomla Registration

Joomla Registration

Joomla Registration

To combine registration and plan subscription, PayPlans uses Joomla Registration integration, so that user first subscribes any plan then, allowed to register.

  • When only subscribers are allowed to register then, Joomla Registration is best suited for this purpose.

  • Joomla-Registration integration is in-built in payplans.

  • Go to back-end Configuration >> Settings >> General >> Checkout then set Registration Integration to Joomla.

PayPlans Joomla Registration Configuration

  • Steps to be followed in front-end as a new user:

    • Subscribe a plan.
    • Click on Register button.

PayPlans Joomla Registration Frontend

  • Now, user is redirected to registration page. Registration is done with plugin PayPlans-Registration-Joomla.

  • After registration user will be redirected to Confirm Invoice page to checkout.

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