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Altauserpoint (AUP) Discount

AltaUserPoints (AUP) Discount

AltaUserPoints Discount app provide the functionality to converts AltaUserPoints (AUP) points into discount.

AltaUserPoints (AUP) Discount Apps Configuration

Create a new AltaUserPoints (AUP) Discount apps by go to Apps>New>AltaUserPoints (AUP) Discount

AltaUserPoints (AUP) Discount app specific parameters in Parameter section as described below:

AltaUserPoints Discount

Maximum Points
Maximum number of points, someone can apply towards the price.

Minimum Points
Minimum number of points someone can apply towards the price.

Points conversion/unit
How many points would you like to equal $1? e.g 10 points which would equal $1 worth of a discount.

Round Up or Down
This controls whether uneven ratio division is rounded up or down.

Total Usable Quantity
How many times this coupon can be used. After that, coupon will auto unpublish. Keep blank for unlimited usage.

Start date
When should user be able to use the coupon.

End date
When this coupon should be auto unpublished.

Reusable to User
If you enable, user can use the discount code multiple times on different orders ( if, total usable quantity allows ). And if, set to No then, user can use the discount code only once.

Apply discount only on first invoice
If you enable, in case of recurring payments, discount will be applied only on first invoice, not on the successive invoices.

Actual Consumption
Shows the number of times, discount coupon have been actually consumed.

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