Configuration Migrate Logs

Read through these documentation and start building your awesome site in minutes. PayPlans configuration process will be divided into 4 major parts; Settings, Customization, Import Data and Migrate Logs.

Migrate Logs

In the configuration, we have provided Migrate Logs tab. Due to growing logs size in database we have added a new option to migrate that data into a file.

This process may take some time depending upon the size of your log table. While moving the content to file, size of the database will get significantly decreased with almost 90%.


  • With log migration as we are moving the log content to files, so please check your server space that it must have free space at least the size of log table before log migration.

  • The data is stored in the media folder so while taking backup don’t exclude . Path where the data is stored is JOOMLA_ROOT/media/payplans/log

  • If you downgrade the PayPlans to major lower version, then the log created in-between upgrading and downgrading will be lost.

PayPlans Configuration