PayPlans 4.0 Stable


Configuration Import Sample Data

Read through these documentation and start building your awesome site in minutes. PayPlans configuration process will be divided into 4 major parts; Settings, Customization, Import Data and Migrate Logs.

Import Data

Lets start familiarizing with the import data options. Navigate to PayPlans > Configuration > Import Data. Under the import data's tab, you will see sample section.

If you're installing PayPlans for the first time and want to import sample data like plans, general apps etc, then you can install it from here.


Take note that your existing PayPlans data such as plans, apps, subscriptions, invoice, transaction and other records will be deleted.

Import Sample data

Steps to import data

  1. Click on Sample button.

  2. A pop-up will be opened, asking the type of sample data you want to import.
    Import Sample data

  3. Select the type of data, you want to import. Three type are available: Basic, Advanced and Expert.

  4. Click on Delete existing data in Payplans and Start Importing Sample Data button.

Now, you will get sample data installed at your end.