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Available Registration Process in PayPlans

To get the Registration Process correct on your site always choose the Registration Process as per your site’s flavor.
PayPlans is integrated with many registration processes. You can decide which one suits to your need.

Below is the list of Registration Integration available with PayPlans :-

1. Quick Registration :- This registration process is designed by us, specifically with an aim to speed up the registration process on your website. This flow is used so that the users can get registered quickly and get going with their interest. This registration flow asks only for the minimal details.

2. Registration based on Community information :- PayPlans is integrated to EasySocial, Community Builder as well as JomSocial the Joomla community’s social media platform. Hence our users can easily incorporate all these registration flows.
This type of elaborate registration flow is generally required where the detailed user information are of great importance. A case of registration for any legal proceedings or a matrimony site is the best example for these elaborate flows where all the user data is very important.

3. Registrations for Invited users :- Just consider a scenario if an existing user or a registering user is able to recommend your site’s subscription to his friends. Would not the word of mouth act as the best source for your marketing?
This functionality is achievable by using Invitex. Its developed by Techjoomla. Invitex integrates with native Joomla registration, Community Builder, JomSocial, EasySocial and PayPlans. So any of your users will be able to invite his friends for joining as well as register with PayPlans integration.
Invitex can also allow users some amount in PayPlans wallet on inviting users and its totally configurable if you wish to allow some more to the invitor if his invited friend joins your community.

4. Automate the Registration Process :- Yes, Its totally possible to automate the registration process on the users end. For this purpose PayPlans is integrated to JFBConnect. This integration will allow users to register on your site in seconds, and you can get information about them using their Facebook profile. For a standard Joomla installation, you can import their full name and email address using JFBConnect.while registering, the use will only need to login with the Facebook account then a permission will be asked for accessing the user details and voila all the user details will be imported automatically in the user’s new account.
This registration process is integrated with all the above mentioned registration flows.

5. Activate users after the Payment :- This registration flow is an extension on Quick registration the very first process I described above. As the name itself is self suggesting it allows the users to get activated only after the payment is done.

6. Joomla Registration :- This registration is default Joomla registration flow in which user get registered by using standard Joomla registration process.

So, these were the specific scenarios which are completely achievable with PayPlans and its integrations. You may also have a look in the video below to get a clear picture about how one can set up a registration process using PayPlans.

See video here