EasySocial 2.2.6

Quick Solutions

Downgrade PayPlans version

Please note that PayPlans can be downgraded to one series to another series. But, it is not possible to downgrade to the lower version in the same series.
For example - PayPlans version 3.3.6 is installed on your site then it is possible to downgrade it to the latest version of 3.2.x series and at present is which v3.2.7. But, in case if you want to downgrade from 3.3.6 to 3.3.3 then it is not possible.

To downgrade PayPlans to 3.3.x(3.3.6) to 3.2.x(3.2.7) on your site follow below steps-
1. Change the value of parameter global_version from 3.3.6 to 3.2.6 in database table _payplans_support.
2. Download the installer for PayPlans 3.2.x series from PayPlans Download page.
3. When you install PayPlans installer 3.2.x then it will show you PayPlans installed version is 3.2.6 and is going to install 3.2.7 version.
4. Now, you can start installation process for 3.2.7.

Update if you face any issue.