EasySocial 2.2.6

Quick Solutions

Integrate PayPlans with jomsocial & jspt

Want to setup layers in membership plans. Check the solution here.

Scenario 1 :

Suppose you want to setup an sports site with profiles Coaches & Players. In this, you have sub profiles sports.And you want that users should be able to select their favourite sport and after that they can select that they want to be a Player/Coach and after that select membership type i.e. Platinum/Silver/Gold. But not in various steps then check this solution.

  • First, user should be able to select the sport in which he/she is interested. For example, we have 3 sports (Tennis, Football, Baseball).

User can select any sports group

  • Now, if user selects, Football then he/she will be shown membership page with various plans (Gold, Silver & Platinum). Here, user can choose he/she want to subscribe as coach/player.

    User can select any plan and can become player or coach

  • User can register with JomSocial.

  • User can register with any registration method and after that can be redirected to fill necessary fields of particular profile type.[/ul]

  1. Registration with JomSocial

Register button will redirect to JomSocial Registration

  1. User will be redirected to JomSocial registration page and after that back to Invoice Checkout screen where he/she can complete their purchase.

After completing registration and redirected to invoice checkout screen

  1. Register with any other registration method(for example : One Click Checkout) and after completing purchase redirect him/her to JomSocial Edit screen.

Either register or login & complete purchase

  • Now, to redirect user just after login to fill all registration details, you can use Redirect to Edit profile plugin.

  • Create JoomlaXi Profile Types App in PayPlans-] Apps to assign proper profile type according to the subscibed plan of user.

Scenario 2 :
You can set that user first select coach or player group and after that select sport & its membership accordingly.