Payment Gateways


A very unique feature of PIN payment gateway is that administrators do not need to setup merchant account. When your customers make a payment, funds are transferred to your existing bank account.

The Pin Payments API allows you to seamlessly integrate payment processing into your website. Get paid without forcing your customer to leave your website or application with less friction and more conversions.

  • Pin app supports following plan expiration types : Fixed, Recurring, Recurring + Trial 1 and Recurring + Trial 2.
  • Pin app supports two currencies : USD and AUD.

Steps to Configure Pin app

Step 1 : Install Pin app from PayPlans AppStore and create app instance.

Step 2 : Pin app specific parameters are described as below-

  • Publishable Key : Insert Publishable key which you will get from your PIN account.

  • Shared Key : Insert Shared key which you will get from your PIN account.

  • Currency : Select the currency in which you want to collect money from your customers.

Currency setting in PayPlans-Configuration and PIN app must be identical.

  • Test Mode : If you are using this app in Test Mode then set the value of as, Yes.

  • Test Secret Key : If Test Mode is set to Yes, then enter the value of this parameter.

Parameters of App

When user subscribe a plans and then user will be able to select Pin payment method on Invoice Confirm page.

Invoice Confirm Page

After clicking on CheckOut button user will be redirected to payment detail page. Here user has to fill credit-card details.

Payment Details Page

After getting successful response payment gateway, user will be redirected to Invoice-Thanks page.

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Steps to create PIN merchant account

To create PIN account you just need to follow very simple steps-

Do sign-up and get your business account ready with-in few seconds.

Pin Sign-Up Page

Pin Welcome Page

Pin Account Settings

General Issues in PIN payment

ISSUE 1 : Error while creating customer profile

SOLUTION : Generally issue occurs when API key you have entered in app instance is incorrect. If API details are correct then try to check that there was no "space" character preceding the API keys.