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PayPal Advance

This all-in-one solution offers an embedded checkout that keeps customers on the merchant's site Or payment at paypal site. It's PCI compliant to help merchants manage their credit card security requirements.
It accepts payments using both Credit cards and PayPal account.

Features of Paypal Advance :

-> Focus on their business.

-> Accept Credit Card and Debit Card, PayPal and** Bill Me Later**.

-> Customize the checkout experience.

-> Get paid quickly.

-> Simplify PCI compliance.

-> Stay informed with reporting.

-> Add levels of fraud protection.

-> Only Fixed type payment are supported.

Configuration for PayPal Advance app :

You need to configure with the details you are using for login at paypal advance manager.

  • Test Mode : Set Yes, if you want to use this in live mode. Else, set it to No.

  • User : User that you have created earlier at paypal advance, who have all privileges for doing transactions. You can also leave it blank it will use vendor as user.

  • Vendor : the merchant login name

  • Password : if you are using user then it’s password otherwise put merchant login password in it.

Paypal Payments Advanced Parameters

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Workflow of PayPal Advance

Paypal Payments Advanced Workflow

Configuration at Merchant Part

  • Using the merchant login and password of the PayPal Payments Advanced account, log in to Paypal manager.

  • Click Account Administration.

  • Under Manage Users, click Add User.

  • Fill in the fields under Admin Configuration, User Information, and User Login Information.

  • Under Assign Privilege to User, in the Select a Predefined Role field, you can select FULL_TRANSACTIONS. Leave User Status as Active.

  • Click the Update button. You can use this user in you app configuration. In paypal hosted pages setup, you need to configure some urls as follow :

    • URL Method : POST

    • Cancel URL :

    • Error URL :

    • Return URL :

    • Silent Post URL :

    • Return URL when Silent Post fails :

    • Enable Secure Token : YES

Difference between PayPal Advance and PayFlow

  • PayPal Advance requires use of PayPal's hosted checkout templates.

  • PayPal Advance includes a merchant account from PayPal.

  • The PayPal Express Checkout and Bill Me Later payment methods cannot be disabled on the hosted checkout template for a PayPal Payments Advanced user.