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PayPal is an American-based global e-commerce business allowing payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet. Online money transfers serve as electronic alternatives to paying with traditional paper methods, such as checks and money orders.

Features of Paypal App

Fixed Subscriptions, Recurring Subscriptions, Trial Subscriptions, Payment through Paypal account as well as by credit card (User is redirected to Paypal's website), Subscription will be on hold automatically when any refund is done via Paypal Merchant Account, Admin can Cancel Recurring payments from Merchant account, user don't have right to cancel recurring payments at your site.

Follow steps to configure PayPal app :

Step 1: This is an in-built app or core app. Therefore, when you install PayPlans, it is automatically installed at your site. So you just need to setup it.

Step 2: After configuring the basic or core parameters, configure PayPal app specific parameters.

  1. Merchant Email : Write down your Merchant Email Address here with which you login in your PayPal account. The payments completed by users will be received in this account. Fill this field when you are dealing with real payments.

  2. Sanbbox : Set this field to "No" when you are making real payments. For testing purpose, set it to "Yes".

  3. Sandbox Merchant Email : If you have set Sandbox mode to "Yes" then fill this field otherwise leave it blank. Write your Merchant Email address of PayPal test account.

App instance screen of PayPal app

If you want to use more than one PayPal Merchant Account for payment, then you can do it in PayPlans by creating multiple instances of PayPal App with different Merchant Email Accounts.

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Points to be Noted for PayPal

  • If you are setting up your site and want to check the PayPal payment process and want to make test payments then use PayPal Sandbox.

  • If you are launching your site or want to make real money then use PayPal.

  • Please make sure you have entered the correct merchant email id, it should be primary email id.

  • If you use Live Paypal Account and Sandbox account simultaneously on the same browser, then you should clean the browser session and cookies, related with Paypal. Otherwise you may get some unexpected errors at Paypal's website.

  • If your subscription are not getting activated, you should check at Paypal website that sending IPN is enable or not. Check this documentation for more details. In the URL field you should enter your site URL only. IPN URLs for PayPlans should be "http://YOUR_SITE/index.php?option=com_payplans&view=payment&task=notify

If you are using PayPlans at Multiple Sites and want to setup same merchant account in all sites then setup notify URL for any one site, it will work for all sites.

  • If you get error as "This invoice has already been paid" at Paypal website, this is due to same Encryption Key you are using in Payplans on multiple website. You must use different Encryption Key on each site and do not change the Encryption Key after going live.

  • After changing the currency you need to save all the plans again.

PayPal General Issues

Common queries regarding Paypal are as follows:

To sum-up the common queries that customer ask on the forum regarding Paypal payment gateway.

QUES 1: Subscriptions are not getting activated ?
ANS : Follow steps to resolve the problem

  • If your subscriptions are not getting activated, you should check at Paypal website that sending IPN is enable or not. Check this documentation for more details. In the URL field you should enter your site URL only.

  • If your subscriptions are not getting activated then it might also be possible that - You have enabled Payment Review option at your business account. see the screen shots - Go to paypal account -> Login -> Test Accounts then you will find below settings as-

General Problems Regarding PayPal

  • Now as the customer completed his payment process at his account the payment status at Merchant Account will be as shown

General Problems Regarding PayPal

  • After enabling payment review option payment will not come into effect until you manually review it from your account. After review or accept payment its status at customers account becomes as shown-

General Problems Regarding PayPal

QUES 2: How to set IPN at paypal account?

ANS : Follow these steps to set IPN

  • Login to your PayPal account.

  • Under the “My Account” tab, click on “Profile”.

  • Under the “Selling Preferences” column, click on “Instant Payment Notification Preferences”.

  • Click “Choose IPN Settings”.

  • In the “Notification URL” field, paste your website url as below
    (i.e. https://your_site/index.php?option=com_payplans&view=payment&task=notify)

  • Select the “Receive IPN messages to Enabled” option to enable your IPN

  • Click on the “Save” button.Thus, you can now make payment with your website. After successful payment, Subscription will be active automatically.

QUES 3: Getting error message "This invoice has already been paid" ?

ANS : If you get error message as "This invoice has already been paid" at Paypal website, this is due to same Encryption Key you are using in Payplans on multiple website. You must use different Encryption Key for each site and don't change the Encryption Key after going live for any website.

QUES 4: Want to re-send notifications? (You need to resend all those transactions whose account are not activated in payplans although its showing payments in paypal.)

ANS : To manually resend an IPN from your PayPal account in the event of a PayPal outage, follow these steps in your PayPal account:

  • Login to PayPal.

  • Click on Profile.

  • Under Seller Preferences click on "Instant Payment Notification Preferences".

  • Click on IPN History page link.

  • Use the calendars to select a date range and search.

  • Bulk select all in the list by checking the top box.

  • Click on Resend Selected.

QUES 5: Want to accept Duplicate Invoice ID at paypal account ?

ANS : This case generally occurs when merchant is using same encryption keys for multiple sites then it might be possible that user get error that duplicate invoice ids then enable accept duplicate invoices setting in paypal account.

QUES 6: Want to accept payments in multiple currencies?

ANS : To enable users to pay in different currency set a currency as primary currency and enable the option- multiple currency.

QUES 7: Getting Error message Invalid Paypal Receiver Email?

ANS : The merchant id that we define in app is case sensitive. So, make sure it should be same as you got from paypal. Follow steps to resolve problem

  • This error occurs due to email id mismatch or merchant email id is not valid.

  • As you are using live email merchant id so you can't login from it at developer paypal. This site is only for sandbox accounts.

  • Go to transaction in paypal and check mail id there and cross check it with you mentioned email id in app.

PayPal payment workflow with PayPlans

After setup, check the payment process in front-end.

  • On Invoice Checkout page, you will get an option to select Payment Method, select PayPal
    here and click Checkout button.

  • Now, you will be redirected to Pay Now Page, from where you will be redirected to PayPal's website.

  • PayPal shows different payment pages depending upon the type of plan.

  • In case of Fixed Plans, steps for payment are like this :-

Payment screen of Paypal

Review and Pay

Thank you page of Paypal

  • Fixed payment with Credit Card

Pay from Credit/Debit Card

  • In case of Recurring Plans, steps for payment are like this :-

Recurring Payment

Review and Pay

Purchase Successful