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PayPlans PayFast app build using the South Africa Payfast payment gateway. It uses a quick and simple payment wallet to sign-up and manage purchases.

It accepts credit cards including Visa and Master Card. PayFast’s lets you pay via its own regular Internet Banking without having to wait 2 days for funds to clear.

  • PayFast app supports Fixed plan only.
  • PayFast supports only South African Rand (ZAR) currency.
  • PayFast does not send any notification for failed or cancelled transactions.

PayFast does not process refunds through their system. For refund, merchant need to refund the buyer directly from their PayFast merchant account. In PayPlans, admin user is required to create a transaction with equivalent negative amount for the same invoice.

Steps to Configure PayFast app

Step 1 : Install PayFast app from PayPlans AppStore and create app instance.

Step 2 : PayFast app specific parameters are described as below-

  • Sandbox : Set to Yes if you want to use PayFast Sandbox for testing else for live transaction set it to No.

  • Is your server behind a Proxy Server ? : It is one of the major part of security checking to ensure that your application is communicating with a valid PayFast payment engine. If your server is behind a Proxy server then set it to Yes else set to No (It will not validate domains).

If you set it to no then it won’t validate the domains of payfast payment engine ie “” , “”, “”, “”.
If you set this option to Yes then it will validate the above domains.
(To validate your server must have enable module - libapache2-mod-rpaf.)

  • Merchant Id : Enter Merchant Id as given by PayFast system.

  • Merchant Key : Enter Merchant Key as given by PayFast system.

Read Setup Instructions carefully before saving app instance.

configure the app

Step 3 : Click on Save or Save & Close button to save app instance.

Step 4 : When user subscribe a plans and then user will be able to select PayFast payment method on Invoice Confirm page.

After clicking on CheckOut button user will be redirected to Payment Detail page. When user makes the payment, user will be redirected to PayFast website.There user can pay through supported way of payment cards or by login.

redirecting to payfast site

credential and verfication at payfast site

credential and verfication at payfast site

credential and verfication at payfast site

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General Issues in PayFast

ISSUE 1 : Invalid IPN
SOLUTIONThis issue generally occurs when your server is behind proxy server. You must first check that the libapache2-mod-rpaf module is installed at your server or not.
In PayFast app configuration there is an option available for Is your server behind a Proxy Server?. Set it to Yes, if your server is behind a proxy server. Otherwise set it to No.

ISSUE 2 : Generated signature does not match submitted signature
SOLUTION If your server is behind a Proxy Server then you need to install the module libapache2-mod-rpaf and enable it. After that you need to restart your web server, e.g. Apache(sudo service apache restart).

ISSUE 3 : Merchant Key is Invalid
SOLUTION Make sure you are using the correct details as per your scenario. Like - if you testing PayFast then set Sandbox to Yes and use sandbox details in app instance. Else use live details and set Sandbox to No in app instance.