Payment Gateways


Paxum offers a secure e-wallet payment service that lets users pay merchants by transferring funds from banks. Paxum is the fastest and most cost effective method to pay people nowadays.

  • Paxum Inc. is not a banking institution but it offer most of the services that your bank might do plus many more as an e-wallet system.

  • You can instantly issue Paxum personal accounts to your customers or affiliates and pay them by transferring money from your Paxum business current account to theirs. The money is available right away in their e-wallet account.

  • Paxum app supports following plans:

  1. Fixed Plan
  2. Recurring Plan:Set recurring time duration of plans as follow:

    • Set Days = 7 days, 14 days
    • Set Months = 1 month, 3 months , 6 months
    • Set Year = 1 year
  • Follow steps to configure Paxum app:

  • Step 1: Instructions to install & enable app refer How to Install & Enable App.

  • Step 2: To create instance of Paxum app follow instructions:-

  1. Details: Filling Core fields of app, to know more click How to fill core fields of App.

  2. Parameters: Specific parameter of Paxum app:

    • API Shared Secret Key: Set API Shared Secret Key of your business account at Paxum.

    • Business Email: This is a verified email address attached to Paxum Business Account account.

    • Cancel Recurring Order: Set to Yes, if you want to allow user and admin to cancel the Recurring order otherwise set to No.

  • Setup Instructions: Read carefully before saving app instance.

  • Step 3: Click on Save or Save & Close button to save configuration of app instance.

Paxum App instance parameters screen

  • Create & Setup Paxum business account as follows:
  1. Create a business account and get API Shared Secret Key sent by email from Paxum or you can create API Shared Secret Key.

  2. Go to your Paxum account: Merchant services --> API Settings.

configure the app

  • Verify your Paxum business account.

configure the app

  • For getting Notification from Paxum, set following parameters in your business account by following steps:

Go to your Paxum Account --> Merchant Services --> IPN Settings and set select Turn ON IPN and select Receive IPN messages.

  • Set Notification URL as follow:

configure the app

  • When user subscribe a plans and then user will be able to select Paxum payment method on invoice confirm page.

  • After clicking on CheckOut button user will be redirected to payment detail page. When user makes the payment, user will be redirected to Paxum Site.There user can pay through their paxum account.