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Ogone is one of the leading European Payment Service Providers.

Ogone app of PayPlans supports following -
Supported plan expiration types : Fixed, Recurring and Recurring + Trial 1type of plans.

In case of recurring plan, date of expiration should be either in days or in months. Any other expiration time isn't supported by Ogone.
Recurring cancellation is not directly supported, administrator has to cancel the recurring payment of any customer manually, from his Ogone merchant account.

Steps to configure Ogone app of PayPlans

Step 1 : Install and Ogone App from PayPlans AppStore and create its app instance.

Step 2 : Ogone app specific parameters in Parameters section are described as follows-

  • PSP Id : Enter the PSP Id of Ogone account, in which you want to collect payment from subscribers.

  • Test Mode: Set it to Yes, if you want to test your transaction on ogone.

  • SHA Pass-Pharse: Enter your SHA-Pass-Phrase which you are using in ogone account.

  • Request for recurring cancellation: If set to yes, then subscriber will get an option to send a request to administrator for cancellation of his/her recurring payments.

Read Setup Instructions carefully before saving app instance.

![](" alt="configure ogone app"]

configure ogone app

Step 3 : Click on Save or Save & Close button to save app instance.

Step : 4 When user subscribe a plans and then user will be able to select Ogone payment method on Invoice Confirm page.

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Basic Configuration of Ogone Merchant Account

Basic settings on your Ogone merchant account under Technical information Section are following-

Global transaction parameters:

Global transaction parameters for payplans ogone app

Global Security Parameter:

Global security parameters for payplans ogone app

Payment Page Layout:

payment page layout for payplans ogone app

Data and origin verification:

Data and origin verification for payplans ogone app

Transaction Feedback:

Check option(I would like to receive transaction feedback parameters on the redirection URLs)

UnCheck option (I would like Ogone to display a short text to the customer on the secure payment page if a redirection to my website is detected immediately after the payment process)

![](" alt="set transaction feedback parameters for payplans ogone app"]

Set transaction feedback parameters for payplans ogone app

Ogone configuration for Recurring

For recurring configure following parameters in Ogone merchant account-

HTTP server to server request

  • Set Timing of the request to Always deferred (not immediately after payment)

  • Set URL of the merchant's post-payment page to '' in both the text-boxes under this section.

  • Set Request method to Post.

HTTP request for status changes

-Set Timing of the request to For each offline status change (payment, cancellation, etc.)

  • Set URL on which the merchant wishes to receive a deferred HTTP request to

Dynamic e-Commerce parameters

1. Enable Subscription Manager of Ogone for recurring payments.
2. Set Payment Method and currency supported in your Ogone account.

Refer the user guide for more information.