EasySocial 2.2.6

Payment Gateways

Offline Payment

Offline Payment is used when Admin wants to collect amount through Cash, Check OR Demand Draft.

OfflinePayment is different from other payment methods. Unlikely, in this admin need to manually mark payment complete from back-end to activate the subscription of the user. This method provide an alternative way to the users to process their checkouts.

When user chooses OfflinePayment option, then subscription status of their order will show up as "Invoice-Checkout" and admin wait for the user confirmation email to activate subscription manually.

You have no need to install Offline Payment app from AppStore because it get installed with PayPlans installation.

Steps to configure OfflinePayment app:

Step 1 : Create instance of OfflinePayment app. App specific details in Parameters section are described below-

  • Bank Name: Enter Bank Name in which you will get payment.

  • Account No: Enter Account number of the respective Bank mentioned.

  • Cancel Recurring Order: Set it to Yes, if you want to allow user and admin to cancel the Recurring Order otherwise set it to, No.

  • Notify admin and customers : Set it to Yes, if you want to notify administrator and customer by email about offline payment request using. Otherwise set it to No.

Setup Instructions: Read carefully before saving app instance.
Step 2 : Save offline app details.

Now, whenever user will subscribe a plans then user will be able to select Offline payment method on invoice confirm page.

After clicking on Check Out button, user will be redirected to payment detail page. After clicking on Payment button user will be redirected to invoice thanks page.

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How do I manage Recurring subscriptions with Offline Payment App?

User will continue paying in the bank account for recurring subscription and admin will create an equivalent transaction in your subscription in PayPlans every time when payment is successfully received by admin.