Payment Gateways


CCBill serve the needs of consumers looking for a fast, safe and convenient way to purchase access to online venues.

CCbill can be implemented in 2 ways : 1. Background Post-back URL method 2. Web-hook method. PayPlans integration with CCBill is build using web-hooks method.

Points to be noted while using CCBill app of PayPlans-

  1. It is required to enable dynamic pricing option after creating an account. For this it is required to contact client support.

  2. Recurring period can be set to 30,60,90,180,365 days.

  3. Minimum trial period is 2 days and Maximum can be 365 days.

  4. Minimum trial price and recurring price is 2.95 and maximum can be 100(in Dollars).
    Although the account owner can request for a higher limit if desired, from Client Support. The request would need to go to our management who review the account history and make a determination if the new max price can be approved and implemented.

  5. CCbill app supports payment for : Fixed Plan, Recurring Plan and Trial + Recurring Plan.

Steps to configure CCBill app

Step 1 : Install CCBill app from PayPlans AppStore and create app instance.

Step 2 : CCBill app specific parameter description in Parameters section is as follows-

  • Client Account Number : An integer value representing the 6-digit client account number.

  • Client Sub Account Number : An integer value representing the 4-digit client sub-account number.

  • Form Name : The name of the form.

  • Salt Key : The salt value is used by CCBill to verify the hash and can be obtained in one of the two ways :

    • Contact client support and receive the salt value
    • Create your own salt value (up to 32 alphanumeric characters) and provide it to client support.
  • Currency Code : Choose the currency code you want to use for the payment.

Read carefully Setup Instructions before saving app instance.

Step 3 : Click on Save or Save & Close Button to save configuration of app instance.

App Instance Screen of CcBill App

Related KB's :

CCBill Merchant account setup instructions

It is required to create a form and a sub account if you are using one account for multiple purpose at CCBill’s end. To create a sub-account, go to Account Info **->Account setup**.

Account Setup

Name of the new sub-account will be there. Click on the Next button.

  • Enter your Website URL.

  • Enter the Email address where the notifications will be sent.

  • Enter the Approval URL where the user will be redirected after a successful sign up.
    The approval URL should be in this format :

  • Remaining fields are optional, you can fill according to your requirement. After filling the information, Save it.

Setting Notify URL

Now it is required to set the Webhooks Settings. Choose the sub account that you have just created.
Click the Webhooks link on the left side of the screen.
Enter the URL that you wish posts to be directed to in the Webhook URL field. URL should be in below format :

Note: Please do not forget to append & at the end of the url.

Select the post types you wish to subscribe (Here, all checked).

Select the Satellite Locations that Webhooks should post to you from. Choose a location that is geographically close to the server that the URL you selected in step 2 in order to ensure that posts get to your URL as quickly as the can.

Click Update to save the configuration.

![](" alt="payplans integration with ccbill payment gateway documentation screenshot-3"]

Setting Webhook URL

After the creation of sub account now, it is required to create a form. This form will be shown to the end users. For this click on the sub account for which you want to create. Here you will find the “Form admin” option and the list of forms that has been created.

Creating form

Click on Create New Form. Create a form of type Credit Card. Here, you can choose layout of form among available layouts and save the details.

Note:- Create forms of Billing Type = Credit Card. Do not create any other type of forms.

Set dynamic pricing

After saving, you need to configure the form for enabling the dynamic option. This option is set so that amount can be send dynamically.