Payment Gateways


Alipay is one of the most widely used payment method in China. Alipay app supports payments for only Fixed plan.

Steps to Configure Alipay app

Step 1 : Install Alipay app from PayPlans AppStore and create app instance.

Step 2 : Alipay app specific parameters are described as below-

  • Partner id for Alipay : Enter your partner id that is provided you by alipay to identify your Alipay Account.

  • Private Key : Enter your private key provided by Alipay to generate MD5.

  • Seller Email : Enter your partner Alipay Account email provided by Alipay.

Step 3 : Click on Save or Save & Close button to save configuration of app instance.

Configure Alipay app instance

When user subscribe a plans and then user will be able to select Alipay payment method on Invoice Confirm page.

After clicking on CheckOut button user will be redirected to payment detail page. Here user will be redirected to Alipay’s end to complete payment and return back to the merchant site after payment completion.