Payment Gateways


2CheckOut provides a safe and secure hosted checkout process that collects your customers payment information.

2CheckOut support buyers and sellers from all around the world and are able to accept a wide variety of payment cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover/Novus, Diners Club and JCB, as well as all derivatives of these brands.

2Checkout also accepts Electronic Check Draft, also known as ACH or Digital Check, and BillMeLater.

PayPlans 2Checkout app supports these Fixed, Recurring and Trial + Recurring.

Steps to configure 2Checkout app:

Step 1: Install 2Checkout app from PayPlans AppStore and create app instance.

Step 2: 2Checkout app specific parameters are described below-

  • SID Number : Enter your 2Checkout Account Number.

  • Secret Word : Enter secret word which you have set in 2Checkout look and feel page.

  • Alternate URL : Set to Yes if you have encounter a parameter error otherwise set to No.

  • SandBox : Set to Yes, if you want to test. Otherwise set to No.

  • Activate subscription on : Select On successful order creation when you want to activate the subscription.

  • On fraud status pass : When user pass fraud status checks.

If you're experiencing a redirection to 2CheckOut site after a successful payment from your site, you'll need to set Direct Return setting on 2CheckOut to Header Redirect.

2Checkout Header Redirect

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Payment Scenario using 2Checkout

When user subscribe a plans and then user will be able to select 2CheckOut payment method on invoice confirm page.

Select 2Checkout as payment method.

After clicking on CheckOut button user will be redirected to payment detail page. When user makes the payment, user will be redirected to 2checkout's Site.There user can pay through payment cards.

Payment Detail page before redirecting to 2Checkout site.

After redirecting user on 2Checkout site.

On 2Checkout site showing plan parameters.

On 2Checkout site order final screen.

General Issues in 2Checkout

PROBLEM #1 : Subscription is not set to active status but user's payments are being detected from 2checkout, why ?

SOLUTION : If you are using cloud-flare or any other CDN service on your site, then disable it and check again.

PROBLEM #2 : 2Checkout not sending payment notification for recurring plans in SandBox mode, why?

SOLUTION : The problem with 2checkout testing is that it doesn't send notifications for recurring payments. Otherwise it works fine with Fixed payments. If you have only fixed plans then you can test it's working.