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User Preferences

User Preferences

User preferences app allow user to add preferences from front-end. Preferences are settings made by a logged-in user that control that user's account and various aspects of the user's viewing and editing environment.

User Preferences app will not work without Eu-Vat app

By using User Preferences App a user can submit preferences such as Business purpose, Business Name, Shipping Address, Business Address, Tax Identification No. User can edit these details from front-end. In order to show this app in the frontend, it is required to create a Dashboard Widget for this App.

Steps to configure User preference app

  • Install User preference app from PayPlans AppStore and create app instance.

  • Select the plan on which you want to ask user preferences from users. You can apply this app for particular plan or for all plans.

App edit screen

  • You need to create Dashboard Widget in order to show it in on frontend dashboard. With this user can also edit these details into My Account section.
    It will be shown on My Account section with default values. User can fill these details by clicking on “Edit” button.

Showing preferences on My Account dashboard

User can fill their details that are asked in User Preferences app. After filling details click on “Save” button or you can “Cancel”.

Edit Preferences from frontend

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Where does user Preferences shows for users ?

  1. It will be shown in Invoice confirm checkout screen. This will be shown if EU- Vat app is enabled.
  2. Additionally it will be shown in My Account section after user get login.

Can we use EU-Vat independently ?

No, to use EU Vat you need to install both EU-Vat and Dashboard widget apps.

In Backend, where these info can be shown ?

Go to PayPlans Backend --> Usres --> Preference you can see all the user preference info.

Can we create multiple User preference ?

No, It can override previous one and only the latest one can be used here.

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