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Use Rtl Language

Use RTL language

RTL language means Right-to-Left language. PayPlans supports RTL language feature. RTL language support feature changes the default template layout(LTR) of PayPlans to RTL and thus right-align all the front-end and back-end pages of PayPlans.

It is also beneficial for those users who use languages like Urdu, Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, Yiddish, etc.

To enable RTL language in PayPlans, go to PayPlans->Configuration->Customization tab->Template section and set parameter RTL Support to Yes then save the configuration. Vice-verse you can disable the RTL support

Move to the front-end and back-end of your website and view PayPlans pages. Now you will be able to view the right-aligned template of PayPlans.

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General Issues and Queries

  1. QUES : I have a problem with the CSS after the update. I have the right column on the left and a left column on the right. The problem is also on the back of the site and on the front. Please remove, correct this deficiency PayPlans system.

SOLUTION : You have enabled RTL support in PayPlans configuration. To discard the changes you need go to the PayPlans ->Configuration->Customization tab, set RTL Support to No and Save the PayPlans Configuration.

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