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Upgrade application is used to switch from current plan to another plan.
In case of upgrade application, a user cannot downgrade his plan. For e.g., if user has subscribed a plan of $200 then he will not be allowed to downgrade his plan to $100 plan.

Steps to configure upgrade application:-

  • Install Upgrade app from PayPlans AppStore and create app instance.

  • Select plans from which you want to upgrade in Apply on Selected plans parameter. Allow upgrades parameter will allows upgrades to these selected plans. Eg:- I want to provide upgrade functionality from Forever free plan to Lifetime plan / Recurring plan.

  • Apply on All Plans:- Select plans in which you want to apply upgrade functionality. Set it to No as you want this app to wok on some plans only.

  • Apply on Selected Plans:- Select all the plans from which you want to upgrade to other plans.

  • Allowed Upgrades:- User will able to upgrades on these plans.

Upgrade App

  • You can create multilevels Upgrade Apps according to your plans. You have an option of providing trial during upgrade or not.

    • Always: If you want that user will always get trial period during upgradation of plan then select Always in this option. In this case if your plan have trial period then user will get this trial period.

    • Never: If you want that user will never get trial period during upgradation of plan then select Never in this option.

    Configure Upgrade App

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HOW TO UPGRADE (Front-end Process):

  • Click on the link for upgrade on the dashboard.

  • Click on Upgrade now button and then Pay the invoice to complete your transaction.

  • Once you done upgrade from plan1 to plan 2 (in my case free to recurring), plan 1 (free ) older subscription has been expired and create a new active subscription.

  • Similarly you can upgrade from plan2 to plan3 and so on. Here i again upgrade from Recurring plan to Recurring and 2 trial plan.

Frontend Dashboard Widget App

Frontend Dashboard Widget App

  • User un-utilized amount are going to adjust during upgrade and only the difference of amount needs to pay during upgrade.

Invoice Screen

  • When i click on subscription in frontend still i didn't get an option of renew link in frontend. During Upgrade your previous subscription get expired and on Expired status renew don't work.

Upgrade App Screen

HOW TO UPGRADE (Back-end Process):

  • Select subscription from backend which you want to upgrade (only applicable whose upgrade app is created). Click on upgrade button at top right.

  • Amount still Unutilized :- During upgrade user don't need to pay the complete amount. Unutilized amount of previous subscription is going to deduct from total amount.

  • Current amount payable :- User's need to pay only the difference of amount.

  • Admin can upgrade using any option free, offline , user will pay or using wallet for payment.

Options available for admin to upgrade the plan:

  • Free:- If admin wants to extend user's subscription without charging from him/her then this is the option.

  • Offline Payment:- If user's submit amount either in cash or e-check to upgrade his subscription then choose this.

  • User will pay:- Admin upgrade user's plan from backend but user's subscription will upgraded only when he/she will pay the amount. Else the process won't completed.

  • Use wallet:- User's need to have sufficient amount in wallet since amount will be deducted from wallet to upgrade the subscription.
    If user's don't have sufficient wallet then upgrade won't be done.

Upgrade Request Details

How to check a subscription is upgraded?

How admin knows that this subscription is activated / expired either from upgrade process or using normal process. Go to subscription and in parameters you will get params name Upgraded from(Activated) or upgraded to (Expired)

  • Upgraded From:- This shows the previous subscriptions Id from which this subscriptions has been upgraded. By this parameter admin can easily detect whether this subscriptions is created through upgrade plan or by normal process.

  • Upgraded To:- This shows subscriptions Id of upgraded plan to which this subscriptions has been upgraded. By this parameter admin can easily detect whether this Subscriptions is expired through upgrade plan or by normal process.

Backend Subscription Screen

Backend Subscription Screen

  • After that you can observe the status from backend itself.

Can User downgrade his plan?

No, User is not allowed to downgrade his plan.
He can only upgrade his plan.
If he downgrade his plan then no amount can get utilized.

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