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Term Of Service

Terms of Service

Terms of Service (commonly abbreviated as TOS ) are terms and conditions which one must agree to abide by in order to use service.

Terms of Services App forces user to agree with certain Terms and Conditions(i.e. Rules) to subscribe plan in PayPlans. If the user doesn't agree with these Terms and conditions, then the user won't be allowed to subscribe the plan.

Steps to use and configure app:

Step 1 : Install TOS app from AppStore and create app instance.

Step 2 : Configure the TOS app as follow-
If you want to use Custom Content then set the field accordingly.

  • In subject parameter you can set title for terms and conditions.
  • In Custom content write the terms and conditions which you want to display to user.
  • Set Show Popup parameter to YES if you want to display the content in the popup.

  • If you want to use Joomla article for terms and conditions

    • First of all create an article which you want to use for terms and conditions.
    • Go to payplans-]configuration-]setting and set Block Non-Subscriber to No.
    • In subject parameter you can set title for terms and conditions.
    • In Joomla article you can select article which will be used for Terms and Conditions.

Below diagram will be shown on Invoice Confirm page.user will be able to checkout only After selecting the check-box.

Related KB's :

General issue in TOS

QUES:- TOS popup box does not appear after click on TOS link and entire page in light dark.
1. After click on TOS modal popup does not show due to Templates. so please select your default Joomla template and try it.

  1. Check the value of parameter Use Bootstrap css and Use Bootstrap jquery in PayPlans->Configuration->Settings->Expert section.
    If you used Bootstrap 3 then above parameter set to NO and if your site in Bootstrap 2 then set to YES.
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