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Subscription Detail

Subscription Detail

Subscription Details App is used to collect additional details about subscription at the time of invoice checkout.
If information should be asked and stored for every subscription, then use subscription detail app.

Note : Subscription Details information will not be editable by user.

For example, if admin wants to collect domain name regarding reach subscription then it is possible by creating this app. User will be able to fill domain name for each subscription.

Steps to configure this app

  • Install Subscription Detail app from App Store. Create app instance and configure this app accordingly.

Create App Instance

Subscription Details App parameters description :-

Specify the content in parameter Subscription Parameters, which you want to ask from user in XML format as mentioned below code snippet.

If you want to show above subscription details to user also, set parameter Show Details With Subscription to Yes, otherwise No.

When user subscribe a plan in front-end and fill the details as needed on Invoice Checkout page.

Confirm Invoice

User can view his subscription details on front-end dashboard. Here subscriptions are listed, click on More button to see the subscription details.

Subscription Detail

So with the help of this app admin can ask for particular details from subscriber as explained above. It adds more information to a subscription, so it facilitates admin as well as users.

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General Issues & Queries

QUES #1 : How to add "placeholder" in the fields?

ANS To add placeholder for the field you need to add hint="Placeholder here" in the field. For above field place holder can be added as follow -

<field placeholder="Full Name" class="placeholder required" name = "fullname" type = "text" size = "50" label = "Full Name" hint="Placeholder here"></field>

QUES #2: Date Validation in User/Subscription Detail Apps?

ANS It would not possible to apply this kind of validation. It uses the Joomla fields and there is no option for validation of date.

QUES #3: Is there a way that we can include the Title not the Id, in case of list field?

ANS : You can put the Title as a Value in Subscription Detail App xml field, so that it will show title on invoice. In below xml example have the Title as Value in options of a list.

<field name = "reference_users" type = "list" label = "Reference">

                <option value = "Website"> Website </option>

                <option value = "Newsletter"> Newsletter </option>

                <option value = "Online Advertisement"> Online Advertisement </option>

                <option value = "TV"> TV Ad </option>


QUES #4: How to make any field as required field while collecting additional information?

ANS : You need to apply 'required' class for those fields which you want to make required as in below example.

<field name = "work" type = "text" size = "30" label = "Country" class="required form-control"></field>
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