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Social Discount

Social Discount

Social Discount plugin provides multiple discounts to your customers if they connect themselves to you via social networking websites like - Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Steps to configure the Social Discount plugin

  • Install the Social Discount Plug-in from AppStore of PayPlans.

  • Before configuring plugin parameters you are required to create discount code(s) through Pro Discount app and create Social account for your organization.

  • Now, you can configure plugin for the respective social account, refer attached screen-shot.

  • Now, subscribe the plan and on Invoice Check-out page you will see the social buttons as per the configuration of plugins.

Description of Social Discount Plugin parameters-

  • Discount Action on Position : This setting is used to render discount options for social network, default is 'payplans_order_confirm_payment' or use 'user-details' or you can push it on any other module position within PayPlans Invoice Confirm page.

  • Enable Discount for Facebook Page Like : Set this option to Yes, if you want to provide option to your customers for liking your Facebook page for allowing discount.

  • Facebook page url : Enter the Facebook url of the page, for which you want to show like button.

  • Discount code to apply : You need to enter the Discount Code which you have created using Discount App or Pro Discount or any other third party Discount App. When user like your Facebook page, discount according to this coupon code will be applied.

  • Facebook AppId : You need to enter id of App created at Facebook. Go to https://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/plugins/like/ , and setup your button. Click on get code, now you can see in code they have mentioned AppId =145789112117099, use that number.

  • Enable Twitter Follow Discount : Set this option to Yes, if you want to provide option to your customers for following your Twitter account for discount.

  • Twitter username to follow : Enter your account name only e.g. readybytes.

  • Discount code to apply : You need to enter the discount code, which you want to apply when user follows above twitter account for discount. Please make sure, you need to create different coupon code if you want to allow separate discount for more than one social like.

  • Enable Google +1 Discount : Set this option to Yes, if you want to provide option to your customers to +1 your website on Google.

  • URL to +1 : Enter complete url starting with http(s)://, e.g. https://plus.google.com/u/0/+ReadyBytesNet .

  • Discount code to apply : Enter discount code here.

Points to be Noted

This Plug-in will display its output for all plans, so you must use coupon codes which are applicable on all Plans.

You need to create different coupon code for each social like button. Same code can not be used for multiple social like button.

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General Issues and Queries

QUES : Why, discount is not applicable when I use Social Discount plugin of PayPlans and my plugin configuration is all right?

ANS : Go to PayPlans->Configuration->Settings->Feature section and enable parameter Enable Discount to Yes and Save configuration.

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