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This document describes the procedure for renewing Fixed, Recurring, Forever plans and how admin can renew from backend.

  • What does Renewal means or when it can be used ?
    Renewal App is used to renew fixed plans (Whose Subscription status is Active) / fixed or recurring plans (Whose Subscriptions status is Expired).
    Your customers can renew their fixed plans subscription even before its expiry while for recurring, only when the subscription get expired.

  • When it's required to use Renewal app ?
    If you want that your users can renew the same plan again and again then you need to use renewal app.

  • How to Install or enable Renewal app ?
    Renewal is inbuilt app i.e. it will be automatically installed with payplans. Only cross check that the plugin is enabled in plugin manager.
    If there is some fix in app then you don't need to update payplans you can directly upgrade this app. Upgrade app from Apps --]App Store.

  • What is difference between subscribe same plan again & again v/s Renewing the plan ?
    If user subscribe same plan again then both the subscriptions will run parallel i.e. new subscription get started before the previous one get expired.While if you renew the plan then it will extend expiration date of your current subscribed plan i.e. new plan get start after previous plan get completed.

  • Is it possible to create multiple apps as per plan ?
    Yes, you can create multiple renewal apps as per plan.

  • How to set up some discount if user go for renewal ?
    Create a discount coupon in prodiscount app and set Coupon-Type to "On Renewal (Automatic Discount)"

  • How can I restrict user for subscribing plan only once and after that not allow for renewal ?

    • Use Limit Subscription app for the plan you want to restrict for single time eg admin want free plan can be subscribed only 1 time.
    • Do not add renewal app for this plan i.e in this case not apply renewal app on free plan
    • Recommended not to use Renewal and Limit subscription app for same plan
  • How Can Admin renew from backend ?

    • Go to payplans subscription in backend which you want to renew.
    • Click on "Add a Invoice" to create a new invoice on above selected subscription and save it.

    Renewal from Backend screen

    • Now click on "Add a Transaction" on the above created invoice & Save it.
    • Your Invoice get paid, Expiration date get extended and Subscription will get Active
  • Will Renewal work for Fixed Plans ?

    • Plans which have fixed type of expiration. In this subscription can be renewed on two of the subscription's status i.e. "Active" and "Expired".
    • If your subscription gets refunded then Subscription will get in "Hold" status and in this case Renewal of plan won't be done either from frontend and backend.
    • But if your subscription get in Hold Status due to any app like subscription approval or any other mean then Renewal is allowed for the respective plans.
  • I have enable app but renew button not showing for Recurring Plans ?

    • Plans which have Recurring / Recurring + 1 Trial / Recurring + 2 Trial expiration type, then renewal can be done only after the expiration of the subscription.
    • If your subscription is in Active state then Renew button will not appear. As renewal functionality appears only if there is a fixed expiration date of plan.

      Renew link on active recurring subscription

    • If user cancel his subscription then no further payment will get deducted but renew button appears once your plan get expired.

  • How to get paid for recurring users if there is no Renewal app ?

    • For Recurring plan user's subscription will automatically get renewed until user cancel it or it's recurrence count get completed.
    • So for Active Recurring users you don't need to create a renewal app.
  • How to send mail to recurring users for renewal or other purpose ?
    Create an notification Emailer app and set it for Recurring plan and here you can set the option to send mail on last recurring cycle or in every recurring cycle.

  • What happen if I have Forever / Lifetime Plans ?
    Plans which don't have any expiry date or a Forever expiration type are known as Forever plans. In Forever plan type subscription renewal is not allowed as there is no expiration date.

  • Renewal app configuration :

    • Go to Apps --> App Store of PayPlans and Install / Upgrade the Renewal app.

      • Create an instance of renewal app.
      • Apply renewal app for "Apply On all plans to No and choose certain plans" or set "Apply On all plans to Yes" as per your requirement.
      • Now, Go to Payplans dashboard at front-end and select the subscription which you want to renew. Subscription detail screen will display a "Renew" button , click on that link to proceed for renewal.

    Renew link on subscription display page

    - Now, Go to Payplans dashboard at front-end and on relevant subscription "Renew" button will shown, click on that link to proceed for renewal.

    Renew link on Dashboard

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General Questions and Issues

Q1 :- I have a site using Payplans where the client wants to increase the pricing on a plan for new subscribers, but keep existing members renewing at the original price. Is this possible with Payplans?

Ans :- This is not possible. If you change the price of plan in backend and any user tries to renew then we display a warning about plan price has been changed. So user cannot renew on old price.

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