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Looking for an app in which user gets certain discount (as per admin choice) or gets discount code on the basis of subscription.
If you want to provide benefits to your subscribers on referring subscription to someone like if your subscriber refers your site’s subscription to any of his / her friends then it leads to an actual financial conversion. Simply stating it will be a mini affiliate app which is a win-win condition for both.

In Referral app you can provide amount with respect to subscription status rather then on registration only.
Amount get sent to user via email with discount code. User can utilize it as discount on Invoice Checkout page for Referral users.
Admin need to send referral code(s) manually via email or any other means. No editor has been provided.
Discount code will automatically sent to the user when referral is successful.

Steps to configure Referral app

Step 1 : Install Referral app from PayPlans AppStore and create app instance.

Step 2 : Referral app specific parameters in Parameters section are described as follows-

Limits - This is the power where you can control how many times referral code can be send by referral users. If you want that referral code can be send to unlimited users then set it to 0 else set any limit.

Send Discount code to Referrer's Email after payment completion : Set it to Yes if you want to send Discount Code to Referrer after payment completion by Referral otherwise it will send Discount Code when Referral code is utilized.

Reusable to User : If set to Yes : User can use the Referral code on different invoices. No : User can use the Referral code only once.

Amount type - Benefits can be provided in terms of Fixed and Percentage type.

Applicable plans - If you want that benefits will get provided to user whomsoever plan they subscribe then set Applicable plans to "Yes". Here user subscribe any plan and they will get benefits as a discount during Invoice checkout process.

If you want to provide referral discount only for selected plans then set Applicable Plans to “No” and select your desired plan as options in “On Specific plan”.

Referrer Amount -> Send Discount Code to referrer user’s through mail automatically.

Referral Amount -> Set amount that can be used as discount in invoice checkout page for referral users.

Referral Amount

Step 3 : Click on Save or Save & Close button to save app instance.

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General Queries in Referral App

Q.1 What is referral app ?
Ans. Referral app is a app which is used to provide benefits to “Referrer” or “Referral” users.

Q.2 Why it is used ?
Ans. To make your site popular and increase traffic to your site.

Q.3 Where to get referral app ?
Ans. Its a core app which is inbuilt with payplans. You can directly install or upgrade it from Payplans App Store. No need of any 3rd party integration.

Q.4 What is the difference between “Referrer” or “Referral” users ?
Ans. "Referrer" is something or somebody who refers. "Referral" is the act of referring.
Q.5 How referral app will work ?
Ans. Referral app will provide benefits to Referrer user by putting the provided amount in their wallet. While for Referral users it will be used as a discount. Referral users will only be able to consumed this as a discount in their invoice checkout process and here the amount won’t get added in wallet.

If you have set Apply on selected plan to Plan 1 and in applicable plans you have set Plan 2, then only those users who have subscribed Plan1 can see Referral code in there dashboard while if they send there referral code to there friends or circle and if any of them subscribe plan 2 then only the “Referrer” or “Referral” users will get the points

Q.6 Can Referral users used partial amount ?
Ans. A No partial amount can’t used. discount must be higher than plan.

Q.7 What things need to remember for this ?

  • Will work for new user / existing user as well.

  • No discount will get provided for free plans .

  • No Expiration Date : Code will be applicable if Referrar have active subscription of desired plan.

  • No dashboard : No dashboard available where user can see the details of referral users to Referrar.

Q.8 What is the difference between PayPlans Invitex app and Referral app ?
Ans. PayPlans Invitex app features:

  • In Invitex you can provide amount in wallet on sending invitation , accepting invitation and registration through invitation link. If you user subscribe

  • If user register but didn’t subscribe then also amount get credit to their wallet.

  • Able to Referr using url link, email , social media network etc.

  • Work only if have Invitex component install (3rd party component)

Q.9 How user can see his / her referral code ?
Ans. Referral Code is shown in Dashboard of respective users as per applicable plans. No dashboard widget app is required.

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