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Profile Based Plan

Profile Based Plan

Profile Based Plan App, assigns the plan to user free of cost on registration according to user's ProfileType/UserGroup. Profile Based Plan App, supports variety of profile types, like - JomSocial Profile, EasySocial Profile, JSPT Profile and Joomla User Group.

Scenario : Let’s say you are using EasySocial with PayPlans on your site and want to assign a sign-up plan to users freely when they subscribe to PLAN-1 OR select Profile-A. Then to achieve it in Profile Based Plan plugin, you need to set the parameters *Profile Type to be used to EasySocial Profile Type and Sign-Up Plan to PLAN-2. Similarly create app instance of Profile Based Plan App and set parameters UserType to Profile-A and Sign-Up Plan to PLAN-2 and Save.

Now, when user register and subscribe PLAN-1 and profile type is Profile-A and then completes registration process, then Profile Based Plan App will assign PLAN-2 freely along with PLAN-1 as sing-up plan.

Work-Flow of Profile Based Plan App/Plugin

Profile Based Plan App is the advanced version of an existing Default Plan App( app used to assign a plan to user when user register at site. No matter which profile type he is belongs to.) So, this app will assign plans to user according to profile type. If you haven’t created any instance of this app then it will work as Default Plan App and assign the default plan specified in Plugin configuration.

Plugin Configuration of Profile Based Plan Plugin

Profile Based Plan Plugin Parameters :-

Profile Type to be used : This can have the values like - Jomsocial MultiProfile type/Easysocial Profile Type/JSPT Profile Type/Joomla User group. Select the Profile Type with which want to integrate it.

Sign-Up Plan : This will list out the plans created in your PayPlans->Plan sub-menu. Choose the plan which you want to set as Sign-Up plan.

App Configuration of Profile Based Plan App

Profile Based Plan App Parameters :-

Usertype : you need to choose to which user type you want to assign the specified plans.

Sign-up Plan : The plan which you want to assign on user registration.

Set the “Apply On All Plans” parameter to Yes.

Points To Be Noted :-

  • Do not assign any recurring plan as sign-up plan, it will not work for further recurrences in this case.
  • Do not use Default Plan app, if you are using this app, otherwise these two app will trigger simultaneously and may affect results.
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