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Pro Discount

Pro discount

A faster and simpler way to apply discounts on your plans. Pro Discount is a plugin which helps in applying discounts on the plan(s). It is faster, smarter and simpler to use than the previous methods of applying discounts.

It is recommended to use Pro Discount plugin to get better performance and enhancements rather than Discount plugin. Impressive features that makes it different from normal discount apps are :-

  • Separate screen, from where discounts can be managed more easily.

  • By keeping in mind the performance factor, number of triggers for a single discount request is reduced to only one.

  • Clubbing of discounts can also be done.

  • Have power to apply automatic discount either applied only at first time , every new invoice or at each recurring invoice.

  • Renewal is most important factor to measure success of any membership site. By this app you can make a pleasant automatic discount scheme in case user renew their plan.

  • To generate trust that user can try with small desired plan and during experience they can upgrade their plan.

  • Benefits is not when you only provide in terms of monetary but also play a vital role when you extend your services as a discounts.

Steps to Configure Pro Discount plugin are follow:-

  • First of all, you need to download and install this plugin.

  • Enable the plugin from the Plugin Manager.

  • Go to back-end PayPlans Configuration and set the parameters-

  1. Enable Discount to :Yes: It will allow the applicability of discount coupons on the related plans OR No: It will not allow the applicability of discount coupons on the related plans.

  2. 'Allow clubbing of discount' parameter to :Yes: If you want to allow the customers to use multiple discounts on a single invoice, but only some specific discounts can be clubbed OR No: If you don't want to allow the customers to use multiple discounts on a single invoice in any case.

Setting Required in Backend Configuration

  • A new "Discounts" tab will be added in PayPlans, from where discounts can be handled separately.

Discounts Tab in PayPlans Backend

  • Create new discount and set the parameters accordingly.

Edit screen of discount

  • Details Section :

  • Title- Give a title to each discount.

  • Published- If set to yes, then only the current discount can be used.

  • Coupon Type- Type of discount coupon type.

    • On First Invoice - It will allow the discount amount to be applied only on the first invoice of any subscription.

    • On Each Recurring - It will allow the discount amount to be applied on each invoice of any subscription.

  • Coupon Code- The code that will be used to get the discount amount. (It should be unique for proper result)

  • Discount Amount- The amount to be discounted on using this discount code.

  • Plan Section :

  • Apply On All- If set to yes then the current discount code can be used for all plans.

  • Apply on selected Plans- Discount can be used only for the selected plans. This option is visible only when 'Apply On All' is set to 'No'.

  • Other Parameters:

  • Start Date- The starting date of the current discount from which, it can be used. (Can be left blank for no restriction)

  • End Date- The ending date of the current discount up to which, it will be applicable. (Can be left blank for no restriction)

  • Discount Type- Set the type, in which discount amount will be applied (either fixed or percentage)

  • Total Usable Quantity- Set the maximum number of times, the current discount coupon can be used. (Can be left blank for no restriction)

  • Reusable To User- If it is set to :-

    • Yes : User can use the current discount coupon on different invoices.
    • No : User can use the current discount coupon only once.
  • Can be clubbed with other discounts- If it is set to :-

    • Yes: The current Discount coupon can always be used irrespective of the applied discounts.
    • No: The current Discount coupon can restrict the discount except the discount having 'Yes' in the same setting.
    • For eg.- There are 3 discounts coupons:

      • XYZ (5$ discount),
      • ABC(10$ discount),
      • EXTRA(2$ discount)
    • If you want -

      • Someone who used XYZ coupon code, will not be able to use ABC and vice-versa.
      • But the discount coupon 'EXTRA', can be used with any of these two: XYZ,ABC. It means,only 'EXTRA' coupon should be clubbed with any of the other discounts.
      • In this case, set parameter 'Can be clubbed with other discounts' to 'No' for discount coupons, XYZ & ABC and 'Yes' for EXTRA.
      • It will give power to club with other discounts, only to the discount coupon 'EXTRA'.
  • Total Usage- It show the number of times, the current discount has been used yet.

  • Actual Consumption- It shows the number of times, the current used discount has actually been consumed.

  • Customers can apply discount on front-end invoice-confirm page by using the coupon code and clicking on 'Apply'.

    Invoice Confirm Screen of Frontend

  • Administrator can apply discounts from back-end invoice edit screen.

  • By using the coupon code.

  • By directly applying the amount either fixed or in percentage. Like: 5 or 5%

Bulk Discount code Generation

mass discount generator edit screen

In order to generate unique and bulk discount codes, there is an option “Generate mass discount codes” at top toolbar. Key Feature of bulk discount generator are-

  • Create single use, limited use or unlimited use codes.
  • Give each discount set a custom prefix.
  • Can set the start date and expiration date of the generated coupon code.
  • Set on which plan it will be applicable
  • Can generate upto 10K codes in few seconds.

Most of the fields defined in the above screen are similar to the edit screen of pro-discount which is defined above, the new fields added are-

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General Issues and Questions

#ISSUE1 : When I go to PayPlans->Discount menu it gives me below Fatal Error
Fatal error: Call to a member function get() on a non-object in root/plugins/payplans/prodiscount/prodiscount/tmpl/default_grid.php on line 66

SOLUTION : The problem occurs because the discount were applied on a PLAN_ID i.e. - 3. But, now plan with ID 3 does not exist on your site, due to deletion in past. Follow the below steps to solve problem-

  1. Go to that Error page
  2. Open the discount by clicking on its Title
  3. Remove the null from Apply Plan field and Save the plan.
  4. If issue still exist then repeat 1 to 3 steps for all discounts.

    • Code prefix:- This is use to set the prefix of the generated discount codes.
    • Total coupon to generate:- Defines the number of codes to be generated. You can generate upto 10K codes in one shot.

After setting the required information, click on the “Generate Codes” button, present at the left right of the screen. A discounCode.csv file will be generated which contain all the codes. So now you are ready to distribute.

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