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Plan Dynamic Modifier

Plan Dynamic Modifier

Plan Dynamic Modifier app provide the functionality to use a plan as a dynamic plan which is converted into different plan according to title, price and time.

Plan Dynamic Modifier will not work with Upgrade Application.

Using this app, you can use same plan with different prices for different time without creating multiple plans. Plan dynamic Modifier app is use to change plan at the time of subscription. In short, we can say that this app is use to show a plan in variations with time and price.

Steps to use and configure this app:

  • Go to payplans->app store and install "Payplans-Plan Modifier" app and create app instance.

  • Select the plan on which you want to apply this app.

  • Set Title,Price and Time for required plan.you can create multiple entities for a single plan by clicking on “+”.

  • If you want to delete any of these then click on ”x”;

  • Select a plan and select which type of plan you want to subscribe according to given list. And click on the “Subscribe now” button.

And now, you are ready to subscribe this plan. So, this is how you can have variation with single plan.

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