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Plan Addons

Plan Addons

If admin want to sell T-Shirt, Goodies, Web Service like - Security Firewall, Extra database space, Setup Fee with the purchase of plan, then here is the app Plan Addon which allows such functionality

Admin can create an addon as optional OR compulsory. In case of Optional, user is free to choose what he want to add extra stuffs with this plan then extra charges will be added to that invoice itself, like - telephonic support, etc.
In case of Compulsory(default), user will not have choice to choose extra stuffs with this plan then extra charges will be added to that invoice itself, like - setup fee, etc.

Steps to configure :

Step 1 : Install this app from the App-store, then you will be shown two new tabs Plan Addons in PayPlans backend screen where you can create an addons and set parameter accordgindly.

Step 2 : now we have create an add on it’s time to look in frontend see how it’s work. when you subscribe to a plan, then on invoice checkout page it will show the option to purchase this addon and checkout. (You can change this setting to change the view in plugin configuration.

Step 3 : if you choose t-shirt and click on Done, then it will add to your invoice automatically.

Step 4: If user successfully paid this invoice then it will also get this addon in invoice details also.

Step 5: You can also track this purchase statistics in payplans. you can view them under plan addon statistics tab.

This show that which user purchase what addon on which dates. Just for admin tracking , this also provide status, to this stats. like user has purchased the addon but it’s now yet deliver you are in sending or dispatching process then you can set it to “working” and if you have done it at your end then you can mark it “Processed”. (note : this is only for admin doesn’t shown to user).

These addons that admin want to provide in addition to plan, extra stuffs like T-shirt on 1 month plan or for web-hosting plans website, could provide extra firewall security service for some extra little charges Or this functionality could be extended to support for the shipping cost or delivery scenario, or some home -country or Foreign country extra charges.

Plan Addons
Plan Addons
Plan Addons
Plan Addons
Plan Addons
Plan Addons
Plan Addons
Plan Addons
Plan Addons

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Plan Addons Features

Plan Addons plugin features

  1. Sell Extra stuff with plan, amount will be added to plan price.

  2. These addons are also taxable and discountable.

  3. Plan addons could be configure to applicable for one time or each recurring.

  4. These add one can be shown on any position at the time of invoice checkout.

  5. It can be configurable to show in Pop window or on the page itself.

  6. limit the addon to specific count, if count reaches then addon will not available for purchase.

  7. add on could be set to countable or unlimited. eg. T-shirts could be count but Firewall service is unlimited.

  8. Track purchasing of addons, who is purchased what addons.

  9. Maintain the status of the purchased addons, whether pending or processed.

Parameter description of Plan Addon

Title : what the name for the addon (will be shown in front end).

Description : description about addon (will be shown in front end).

Published : set “Yes”, to show available in frontend.

Apply On all plan : on which plans purchase it will show this addon.

Addon Condition : Choose how the addon should be applied.(one time OR attached to each recurring if plan is recurring type)

Addon Price : set the price you want to set for this addon.
eg. “X”

Price Type : Fixed (“$X” amount will be addon price) OR Percentage ( price of addon will the “X” percent % of plan price without tax and discount).

Start Date : from which date this addon will be available for purchase in frontend.

End Date : date after which addon will not be shown in frontend.

Taxes and Discounts (advance options) : Chose whether this addon would be - 'Neither taxable nor discountable', 'Taxable but not discountable' and 'Both taxable and discountable'.

Availability (advance options) : if you want to make this addon only limited then, set this parameter to limited and add the available unit of it in stocks, otherwise set it to unlimited.

Stock (advance options) : if availability is limited then you can set this limit to integer, if limit reach then addon stops showing in frontend.

Set to Default (advance options) : it is set to "yes" then it will be added to invoice But it can be removed by customer. if you don't want to allow customer to remove then set "forceful default to yes in plugin configuration"

Consumed (advance options) : it will count how many successful paid purchase of this addon is occur.

Plugin Configuration of Plan Addons

This app will also provide various feature that you need to configure in plugin, that will applied to all addons globally.

Template Content : The title of the popup or fieldset.

Show Plan addons in popup : if set “Yes”, it will open a modal popup to show the available addons, otherwise it will show accordion/fieldset.

Select multiple addons : if you want allow user to choose multiple addons at a time or not.

Select positions on invoice : there are various positions are available where you can set this addons to show.

Show advanced option : if you set “Yes” then you will see extra option to configure for addons and you will see the status on planaddon statistics also.

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