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Pdf Invoice

Pdf Invoice

Facilitates administrators and customers to download invoice in PDF format and print it. In any of the subscription system, printable invoice with proper formatting is the key requirement.

  • Administrator can download individual as well as bulk invoices from backend.

  • Subscribers can download invoice for each of his/her subscription.

  • Layout of invoice that is shown on invoice page, can be downloaded as it is, in PDF format. If administrator add some tokens on invoice page, then the same changes will be reflected in downloaded invoice also.

Through PDF Invoice App:

  • Usage for Back-End users:Go to Reports tab of your PayPlans kit.Select the Invoice ID for single invoice download or range of dates for bulk invoice downloading.Click on Download Invoice button to start downloading. Note: Recommended limit is 50 or lower.

  • Usage for Front-End users:Subscribe one or more plansGo to subscription display or invoice Thanks Page .Click on the icon for downloading the invoice.

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General Issues in Pdf Invocie

ISSUE 1 : Currency Symbol Not Visible

SOLUTION You need to include font files for the respective font family you want to use. To resolve the issue follow steps-

  • Go to path https://github.com/dompdf/dompdf/releases and download dompdf0.6.

  • Extract it and go to path dompdf/lib/fonts.

  • Copy all the files of the font family, you want to use in Pdf Invoice .

  • For E.g.: To use Helvetica font-family, copy files : Helvetica.afm, Helvetica-Bold.afm, Helvetica-BoldOblique.afm and Helvetica-Oblique.afm

  • Paste it at path : root/plugins/payplans/pdfinvoice/pdfinvoice/dompdf0.6/lib/fonts

  • Now you can use this font family in Pdf Invoice by overriding the file.

  • Open file located at : root/plugins/payplans/pdfinvoice/pdfinvoice/tmpl/pdf.css


font-family: "Times New Roman",Georgia, Serif; /*Trebuchet MS,*/ 


font-family: "Helvetica",Georgia, Serif; /*Trebuchet MS,*/

ISSUE2: Fatal error: Call to undefined method PayplansInvoice::getPaidDate() in /plugins/payplans/pdfinvoice/pdfinvoice.php on line 129

SOLUTION : Issue occurs when wrong version of PDF invoice plugin is installed. So, please install updated PDF Invoice plugin from AppStore of PayPlans.

How to add custom content on Invoice

To add custom Content on invoice, follow steps-

  1. Go to PayPlans -> Configuration -> Customization tab screen.

  2. Fill details for parameter Custom Content on Invoice. To view tokens click on "View Tokens" link just below the text box.

  3. Copy the tokens and paste them in the Custom Content on Invoice section.

  4. Save the Configuration.

Invoice Thanks template customization

ISSUE1: To change the Text in Invoice Thanks template and downloaded pdf .

  1. For Frontend Invoice Thanks Template override the default_partial_invoice.php file located at Root/components/com_payplans/templates/default/_partials/default_partial_invoice.php

  2. For downloaded Pdf Invoice overrride the template default_pdfcontent.php file located at Root/plugins/payplans/pdfinvoice/pdfinvoice/tmpl/default_pdfcontent.php

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