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Pay With Points

Pay With Points

If you want to sell your membership with Alpha User Points(AUP) or JomSocial Karma Points then Pay with points app facilitates you to set up this scenario easily.

Steps to use and configure Pay with points plugin:

Step 1: Go to PayPlans->App Store and install Pay With Points.

Step 2: Then, create a new app instance in PayPlans.

Step 3: Fill Pay with points app specific parameters as follows-

Fill Core Parameteres of App.

  • Allowed Point’s Type: Type of points by which user can subscribe to plan. There are three options available-

    • Alpha User Points : user can pay only using alpha user points,
    • Karma Points : User can pay only using Karma Points,
    • Both AUP and Karma : User can pay with either Alpha user points or Karma points.
  • AUP Points : Points to be deducted when a user subscribe to a plan.

Step 4: Read Setup Instrauctions carefully and create a rule with following details in case of using Alpha User Points.

Alpha User Points Rule Creation.

Note: : Please install 'Alpha User Points' component before using the app.

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Cases and Scenarios of Pay with Points

Example : Now when user subscribe a plan of 50$(As shown below) and there is an app applicable on this plan whose configuration says : “When a user is going to subscribe this particular plan then deduct 100 points of that user”.

Selection of Payment Method.

So when the user get subscribed that plan, 100 points will be deducted from available points of that user.

If you have configured “Allowed Point's Type” to “Both AUP and Karma” in app params then user can select either “Alpha User Points” or “JomSocial Karma Points” at the time of payment.

Selection of Points type, deducted from user's points

Invoice for this will look like as follows.

We firstly create invoice with plan’s actual amount and then apply a discount of 100%, as the points will be consumed instead of actual money.

Invoice paid using Points

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