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One Click Checkout

One Click Checkout

This plugin is used to reduce registration process by skipping login/register page.

It skips login/register screen and directly redirect the subscribers to checkout page, from where itself, login/registration will be done.[

- One Click Checkout plugin depends on Quick Registration. So, to use One Click Checkout you must use Quick Registration as registration plugin on your site.
- Don't use one click checkout with skip free invoice.

Steps to configure this plugin.

  1. Search the Payplans-One Click Checkout app from App store and install it.

  2. When user subscribe any plan, a single screen i.e. invoice-confirm will be displayed. Fill the registration details and click on checkout button. An option for login is also available for already registered users.

  3. Registered user click on “Existing user, please Login here” and a pop-up will be shown for Login. Fill the credentials and click on “Checkout”.

  4. Non-Registered user fill the required details for registration and click on “Checkout”. After clicking on “Checkout” it will attach the invoice to the new users, as well as register them to your site also.

Now, you have successfully setup One Click Checkout at your site.

Related KB's :

Disable Auto Complete Feature

Set the attribute autocomplete to off for the input field in One Click Checkout plugin.
Like below example-

<input type="text" name="input-field-name" autocomplete="off" />

Disable User Name or Use only Email

If you want to remove username from one click checkout then you need to do changes as follows :-

  1. in file /plugins/payplans/oneclickcheckout/oneclickcheckout/tmpl/registration.php near line about 28 comment the following code like shown below
<!--<div class="row-fluid pp-gap-top10 control-group">
        <div class="span4 control-label">
            <?php /*echo XiText::_('COM_PAYPLANS_PLAN_REGISTERATION_USERNAME');*/?>
        <div class="span8">     
            <span class="span9 controls"><input type="text" size="20" id="payplansRegisterAutoUsername" name="payplansRegisterAutoUsername" class="span12 placeholder required "/></span>
            <span class="span3 pp-gap-top05 payplansRegisterAutoUsername">
                <span class="badge badge-success hide"><i class="icon-ok-sign icon-white"></i></span>
                <span class="badge badge-warning"><i class="icon-remove-sign icon-white"></i></span>
                <span class="badge badge-info hide"><i class=" icon-refresh icon-white"></i></span>
            <div class="text-warning pp-gap-bottom05" id="err-payplansRegisterAutoUsername"></div>
  1. in file /plugins/payplans/oneclickcheckout/oneclickcheckout/invoice.php near line number 78 you will find below code :-
$username = JRequest::getVar('payplansRegisterAutoUsername', false);

replace it with :-

$username = JRequest::getVar('payplansRegisterAutoEmail', false);
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